Best reasons to stay at Shared Flat for your summer Russian course!


Thinking about what accommodation option to choose for this summer’s Russian language course?

Why should you choose the Shared Flat?

It’s affordable, it’s centrally located, it’s fully equipped and a perfect place for you to make new exciting acquaintances among your fellow Russian language students!

Located in the heart of Riga city centre, the Shared Flat offers modern facilities and an excellent living environment to help you focus on studies and relax after classes. Of course, the best part is getting to know people from all over the world. There is always someone around who might join you for dinner or one of the many activities in this vivid city.

What our students say about staying at the Shared Flat?

Paul (USA, NY): “I chose to live in the Shared Flat because it was very affordable for long-term stays. There are some other great benefits as well, such as living with students that are going through the same learning experience as you, as well as living close to the school. The thing I like most is living with and getting to know people from different parts of the world. Also, living within walking distance of the school is fantastic! I would especially recommend the Shared Flat for long-term students.”

Rico (Germany, Munich): “I’ve studied with RLA Durbe three times already, and every time chose to stay at the Shared Flat. It is very well equipped and has everything you may need. I enjoy the freedom it offers, it’s easy to get to know other students, and I also think it’s nice and relaxing to take a walk across the city center to the school before your lessons start in the morning.”

Suzanna (USA, NY): “Shared Flat is a very convenient choice of accommodation, that offers a good opportunity to be social with other students. I have great flatmates! It’s not lonely, there’s no stress, it’s located close to school and has easy access to many stores nearby.”

Giulio (Italy): “The apartment in which we stay is very cozy and cute. I think that the kitchen is perfect, the living room is also very good, and this year my room is very big and wide. Last year I was here in the same apartment, and I decided to come back because you can share a lot of moments and fun with your colleagues and flatmates. It’s quick to reach the city center on foot, in just 15 minutes, and it’s a very nice walk. You pass by the Riga Galeria with the rooftop bar, by Radisson Blu Hotel, and many other interesting places. It’s very well served, there are several grocery stores and, although I never take them, there are plenty of busses nearby.  These have been two great experiences at the shared flat.”

Some more benefits for you

As you can see, our Shared Flat is a popular accommodation option among our students.  Book your Russian language course today and stay at the Shared Flat – with all the benefits listed above, you will also receive a complimentary arrival transfer from the airport, as well as impressive discount if booked for a long-term stay of 8 weeks or longer! For example, booking the Flat for 7 weeks will cost you 1540 EUR, for 8 weeks: 1568 EUR – that’s a mere 28 EUR of difference, and the longer stay – the higher discount!

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