Studying Russian for Free?


How to study Russian free of charge?

Did you know that you have a chance to obtain funding for your Russian language studies in Riga and study Russian free of charge? Find out about the most popular scholarships and options available, including the Boren Award, Erasmus +, Bildungsurlaub and many more!

Inquire about language scholarships in your home country

A number of organizations offer scholarships to study a foreign language abroad. If you’re from the US and wish to study Russian in Latvia, you can apply for the Critical Language Scholarship, NSLI-Y. There is a growing number of students at RLA Durbe who have been granted funding through the Boren Award. Moreover, a number of students from Germany have received funding through the Bildungsurlaub.

See some more tips on how you can make your dream come true and therefore study Russian for free!