Herausforderung Russischen

Celebrities who can speak Russian


Did you know that a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses have Russian or Ukrainian roots? Are you surprised that Leonardo di Caprio and Sylvester Stallone are part of this group? Even though they can’t speak Russian at all! Are you curious to know which celebrities and notorious people can speak Russian fluently? Let’s have a look below!

1)Kate Beckinsale, the famous actress which acted in ‘’Underworld’’. She can speak Russian because before embarking on an acting career she had studied Russian and French at the University of Oxford!

2) Mila Kunis, the American actress who had a role in ‘’Baywatch’’ and in many more famous series and movies, actually was born in Ukraine. She moved to the U.S. when she was 7, so she speaks very well!

3) Jared Leto, American actor and leader of the band ‘’Thirty seconds to Mars’’, has studied Russian for acting in the ‘’Lord of War’’ with Nicolas Cage.

4) The Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich was born in Kiev and her mother was Russian. She moved to the U.S. when she was a very young child. She still speaks Russian when she visits the country and she had also acted in a Russian movie.

5) Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish tennis player and before retiring she was one of the strongest tennis player in the world. She learned Russian because her parents had a lot of Russian friends and she had the possibility to speak Russian with them.

6) Sergey Brin, the creator of Google was born in Moscow, but he moved to the U.S.  when he was 6. He speaks Russian fluently!

7) The last celebrity who can speak Russian of our list is Robert Downey, the protagonist of ‘’Iron men’. He doesn’t have Russian roots. But when he presented ‘’Avengers’’ in Moscow he had to deliver a short speech in Russian. He studied for two hours to learn these easy sentences: <<Добрый вечер, дамы и господа, российские знаменитости и дети. От имени всех нас мы любим Россию. Большое спасибо!>>. (Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, Russian celebrities and children! On behalf of all of us, we love Russia. Thank you very much.)

And, you, how many times do you need to learn them? Are you quicker than Robert Downey?