Funding for Swedish students available for Riga, Latvia


Dear students from Sweden: do you know what might be your best way to spend this autumn? We do: come to magnificent Riga and start speaking Russian in no time – for free!

Russian Language Academy – our internationally accredited school, offers full-time group and individual courses all year round. Highly experienced native teachers, Communicative teaching approach, Russian Host Families, school’s location in the heart of the capital of Latvia – all this at your arm’s length!

With super positive previous experience, we highly encourage you to apply for the CSN grant to study Russian in Latvia! Yes, even during the pandemic – Latvia is definitely worth to consider for your stay.


What is CSN?

It’s an institution that manages Swedish student finance, i.e. grants and loans for language studies. Depending on the length of your planned studies fundings may also vary. Detailed information about CSN grants for studies outside Sweden AVAILABLE HERE.


For some great tips and suggestions regarding your grant application please write to our Client Manager – jekaterina.celebija@durbe.edu.lv

Apply for the CSN funding today and begin your Russian language course in as quick as two weeks!


N.B.: Right now we also have great offers for your ONLINE Russian language lessons – study individually or with a friend and save money!