Herausforderung Russischen

Top Preference: High Quality and Safe Environment


Riga is a very versatile city for people of all ages, even for high school students. So why do parents choose Russian Language Academy Durbe for their children? The main factors being the high-quality courses, the safe environment of the city, and the confidence in the wellbeing of their children during their studies and their stays with their host families.


Noam – a student from Sweden, who initially booked 3 weeks of Russian studies and then extended his stay with us. He is just 16 years of age and here’s what he told us about his experience:

Can you tell us about yourself?

– My name is Noam, I am from Gothenburg, Sweden. I am 16 years old and I’m here in Riga for 4 weeks.

Did you study Russian before? 

– I studied Russian before, for 3-4 years, with a private tutor, because my mum is from Russia (ex-Soviet Union), and I wanted to explore my heritage and learn Russian because I think it is very important.

Why did you decide to take summer classes in the Russian language?

– I really wanted to improve my Russian and be able to speak better and communicate with my relatives. But also, I think it is important for my future studies in college or university.

What made you choose RLA Durbe?

– One of my relatives went here for a week and he really liked it! So he told me about it and I was very interested. Therefore I am here!

Why did you decide to extend your studies at RLA Durbe?

I loved Riga as a city! And my host family is amazing, they showed me around, showed me Latvia and taught me a lot. I really loved the school, above all the teachers and the teaching methods.

What is your opinion on the classes, methods, and teachers? How do you evaluate your progress in the Russian language?

– I really like the type of teaching here in RLA Durbe since it is very interactive, students and teachers have an ongoing dialogue. Talking in Russian every single day for 4 weeks really helps a lot and I think that I also improved my grammar, my teacher really helped me with that.

Why did you choose Riga? What’s your general impression of the city?

– I chose Riga because I heard that it is a beautiful city and because it is a much safer environment than Russia. My impression of the city is wonderful: I really love its architecture, the old buildings, the history, and every part is different and you get different feelings in each part of the town.

Can you tell us about your experience of living in a host family?

Living in a host family was amazing. We saw Riga together and went outside of Riga to their summer house. I got to meet many of my host family’s friends who were very very nice, I fully immersed myself in Russian culture in a Latvian city.

Would you recommend it to your classmates or friends?

– I’d definitely recommend it. I learned a lot!

Would you come back?

– I would definitely come back to visit the city again, and maybe to do an internship here at the RLA Durbe.


We wish Noam the best of luck with further Russian language studies in Sweden and will be happy to welcome him as our intern in the years to come! 🙂