Russian for Politics

All You Want to Know About Russian Politics

When we talk about Russian politics, isn’t the president of Russia the first thing that comes to mind?

We highly recommend the Russian for Politics course to any student who studies foreign affairs, diplomacy, international relations, economics, and sociology.

This course is key for anyone who works in these fields. And of course for those who know Russian at a B2 level (upper-intermediate). Because of that, the Russian for Politics course is great for those who want to learn more about the Russian used in political contexts. Moreover, you’ll be able to freely communicate in the professional and political spheres. In addition, you’ll increase your knowledge about the political aspects of world politics, including Russian politics and Russia itself. Your grammar and vocabulary will be updated to ensure a smooth academical conversation of politics. You will find Russian politics and similar themes to be interesting and multi-sided.


Five modules provide deeper knowledge of modern Russia, the president of Russia, and the government. You will get a deeper understanding of public authorities and Russian society. Additionally, the modules will also allow you to focus on your home country. You have the freedom to combine modules and even themes according to your needs and interest. The sixth module gives an insight into Latvia’s history and relationship with other countries of the world.

Russian for Politics is an individual course and takes place in the afternoons. Students who wish to effectively use their time in Latvia may take extra Standard Russian group classes. This is made up of 20 lessons per week and is taught in the mornings. Furthermore, Standard Russian covers all parts of the language and aims to develop students’ communicative efficiency in the shortest time.  You may also book a challenging combination of the Russian for Politics and Russian for Military modules!

General info about ”Russian for Politics” course:

Minimum level: B1 + (lower level upon request)
No. of modules offered: 6
No. of individual lessons per one module: 10
Minimum enrolment: One module per week
Price for one module (10 individual lessons about Russian politics): 480 EUR

Choose any combination of modules

Module No. 1: Introduction to Political Russian

  • Political vocabulary
  • Governmental structures of Latvia and student’s home country
  • Most important political events in the country’s history (Latvia or Russia and student’s home country)
  • EU and Nato countries on the political map (countries, their capitals, nationalities, spoken languages)
  • Membership in International Organizations of Russia and student’s home country

Module No. 2: Let’s Get to Know Russia

  • Russia’s physical and economic geography
  • Symbols of Russia – coat of arms, as well as flag and anthem
  • Political parties and movements in Russia
  • The national and religious composition of the population
  • The diversity of cultural worlds

Module No. 3: Russia and the President of Russia

  • Structure of the government
  • Functions of the president, as well as the Russian Parliament and institution of the presidency
  • The opposition’s view on Mr. Putin’s two decades of governance
  • Corruption? Winter Olympic games in the subtropical city of Sochi
  • Elections in Russia and presidential election procedure in Russia

Module No. 4: Citizens of the World

  • The collapse of the USSR in 1989-1991
  • Life in the countryside versus the city: pluses and minuses
  • Migration and Labor
  • Intellectual Emigration (Brain Drain)
  • Healthcare and problems of an aging society

Module No. 5: Public Authorities and Society

  • Principles of state sovereignty and separation of powers
  • Legislative bodies
  • Judicial system
  • The social structure of the society
  • Social inequality

Module No. 6: Culture, Politics, and Society in Latvia

  • Latvia – a member of the EU and NATO
  • UNESCO World Heritage and Latvia
  • Latvian achievements on a global scale
  • Memorial and remembrance days in Latvia and the world
  • Unique cultural events