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Privacy Policy



This policy is designed to ensure that personal information is handled safely and accurately in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It will be applied to all information regardless of the method collected, used, recorded, stored and destroyed, and irrespective of it being a tangible hard-copy or uploaded electronically.  All staff of RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN involved with the collection, processing, and disclosure of personal data will be aware of their duties and responsibilities and will adhere strictly to these guidelines:




RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN will ask you to complete application forms. This is in addition to the entry/exit questionnaire about services booked and received during your stay. The school may use your personal contacts in the case of an emergency. I.e. to contact you or one of your family members in cases of need. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN holds and uses your information to help you study and learn the chosen language.  As well as to check and to report on your progress, and to ensure your well-being.

The information that RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN holds includes your:

  • contact information
  • class attendance
  • special educational needs, and
  • any important medical information

The school shares the student’s important medical and dietary information. I.e. to your homestay as well as to other staff members involved in taking care of your well-being.



  1. “Personal data operator” is the company RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN , registration number: 5000205003, address: Raina boulv 31-6, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia.
  2. Data subject – means any natural or legal person who has shared its personal data to the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN. As well as  whose data is processed in accordance with the general principles of personal data processing.
  3. “Personal data” – data about the data subject that the data subject sent / informed the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN of personal data via a website www.russian-academy.com (online application form, cookies, news subscription or other service notifications through e-mail), e-mail or phone. These data include the name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, location data, gender. As well as any other data that allow you to identify a person.

RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN is mandated and required to store and process information about:

  • current, past, and prospective students
  • current and former staff
  • homestay hosts and their families
  1. “Personal data processing” – any activity carried out with personal data. This includes: collecting, registrating, organizing, storing, changing, accessing, viewing, using. As well as: transferring to the third party (for provision of services and the fulfilment and of contractual obligations). As well as: deleting personal data or some of the above actions, regardless of how the activities are carried out.
  2. “Third party” means any natural or legal person. The exceptions: the data subject, the operator or the person authorised to process personal data on behalf of the operator.
  3. Cookies – RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN’s website www.russian-academy.com uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that stay in person’s computer or mobile phone when he/she browses websites. By continuing to browse the site, a person is agreeing to the use of cookies. Said person has the ability to accept or decline cookies anytime. This is done by modifying the settings in his/her browser. As well as deleting any cookies that have been installed in the cookie folder of his/her browser.


  1. Personal data operator processes personal data: for general management of relations with clients (to ensure the provision of quality services). For promotion (only with the written consent of clients to encourage industry development as well as offer new services to clients). For administration of services (to establish and maintain internal processes as well as to ensure that documents are circulated to the necessary and sufficient extent).
  2. Personal data operator can not lease, transfer personal data or transmit it in any other way to third parties. Exception: where the transfer of data is a necessity to the fulfilment of mutual obligations.
  3. When processing personal data, Personal data operator must comply with the general principles of Personal Data Protection Act, the General Regulation on Data Protection of the EU and Procedure for the organisation and operation of children’s camps (MK, No. 981).


  1. Personal data is processed on the basis of the consent of the data subject. As indicated in accordance with Section 7 (1) of the Personal Data Protection Act and Article 6 (1) of the EU General Data Protection Regulations.
  2. The data subject voluntarily consents to: the collection, processing, commencement and provision of personal data to Personal data operator. As well as the performance and enforcement of the obligations specified in the contract in accordance with these principles and the objectives of RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN. When completing and sending forms of a printed questionnaire or online application form, the data subject confirms his/her agreement to the collection and processing of personal data by RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN.
  3. Granting consent is a prerequisite for cooperation with the data subject. Unwillingness to give consent means that RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN can not fulfil the requested service of the data subject.
  4. The data subject may withdraw his/her consent at any time by notifying RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN of his/er personal data to the e-mail address pasts@durbe.edu.lv. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing of personal data that occurred prior to the withdrawal of consent.


  1. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN ensures the protection of personal data by organizational, physical as well as IT security measures. Personal data operator confirms that it limits processing of personal data to extent necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.
  2. If the data subject agrees to the processing of personal data in connection with the requested service, Personal data operator stores the personal data until the withdrawal of consent of the data subject.
  3. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN permits access to personal data only to those employees who have the right to process personal data only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of processing it.
  4. Personal data operator is responsible for compliance with the requirements in the Personal Data Protection Act, the General Provision on Data Protection of the EU, as well as Procedure for the organisation and operation of children’s camps (MK, No. 981) after its entry into force.
  5. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN takes no responsibility for any unauthorised access to personal data and/or loss of personal data if it is independent from RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN , for example, due to the data subject’s fault and/or negligence.


  1. The data subject has the right to access his personal data stored by RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN. As well as to obtain additional information on the processing of his personal data.
  2. The data subject has the right at any time to object to the profiling of his/her personal data, informing RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN in writing, by sending an e-mail to pasts@durbe.edu.lv, or by visiting the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN’s office. Changes will not affect the legality of the processing of personal data before the data subject’s objections and/or refusal specified in this clause.
  3. If the data subject discovers that RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY BORN, processing personal data does not respect the rights of the data subject or if the data subject is requesting to delete his/her data, the data subject has the right to file a request to eliminate the violation by sending an e-mail to pasts@durbe.edu.lv. The data subject has the right to contact at any time the personal data supervising institution (Data State Inspection, www.dvi.gov.lv).