Private Russian language lessons

Individual Russian language training for business people and executives at a relaxed yet professional environment

Are you ready for a full Russian language immersion training? At our Lielborne Manor executive centre you will enjoy a unique mix of individual Russian language lessons, stunning nature, delicious food and socializing with other schoolmates. You have an absolutely amazing opportunity to meet business and professional people from all over the world. Get ready to share the experience, make life-long and valuable connections, to find out what’s new in the world of business, politics, law etc . And then one day you catch yourself already thinking in Russian.

Lunch with a teacher – benefit from extra-Russian language practice

This is a great addition to your Russian language executive programme available exclusively only at the Lielborne Manor Russian language training centre. We care about your Russian language progress and want to make sure you get the most of your immersion training. Your stay at the Lielborne Manor executive centre is not only about classroom study. Socializing is an important component of your learning experience. Therefore you will have daily lunch with one of our Russian language teachers. This is a great opportunity to practice your everyday Russian in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

There are 2 programmes available to our executive clients:

Individual Russian language lessons                          Tailor-made programmes  for groups

Your private Russian language lessons

Relax, let’s learn Russian! Expect an intensive study process with a maximum individual approach in a relaxed environment! This a really effective combination that will ensure your significant progress under the attentive supervision of your private teacher. You will have a lot of Russian language practice during your lessons based on the communicative approach. Expect fully monitored daily study process and program 100% personalized to your needs. The study process and study methods used at the Lielbrone are the same, as at our head school in Riga. There will be only Russian in the classroom for sure!

Individual Russian language programs offered at the Lielborne Manor
wdt_ID Course name | lessons per week Price per week | 1 - 3 weeks Price per week | 4+ weeks
1 Leisure 15 600 EUR 535 EUR
2 Standard 20 780 EUR 685 EUR
3 Intensive 30 1160 EUR 1020 EUR
4 Crash 40 1455 EUR 1275 EUR

* High season supplement of 120 EUR per week applies from May 31 to September 26, 2021.

Additional modules you’re welcome to book: General Russian, Business Russian, Russian for Military and Russian for Politics
wdt_ID Modules (minimum levels) Lessons per module Fee per module 2+ modules (fee per module)
1 General Russian (A1), Business Russian (A2) 5 240 EUR 210 EUR
2 Russian for Military (B1+/B2), Russian for Politics (B1+/B2) 10 480 EUR 480 EUR
To sum up, during your stay at Lielborne manor you will get:

– personalized Russian language training
– daily study progress monitoring,
– study materials and progress report
– private on-site accommodation
– healthy dining
– use of manor’s outdoor facilities

wdt_ID Accommodation Price per person/week (including daily breakfast) Transfer
1 Single 560 EUR One way: Daugavpils to Manor 70 EUR
2 Double 630 EUR One way: Riga to Manor 220 EUR
3 Two-room appartment 1020 EUR
4 Extra persons with same meals 295 EUR

Excellent place for the tailor-made group programmes!

We welcome corporate groups, school and university groups, adult groups to our residential Russian language training centre at Lielborne Manor! We will create your unique tailor-made programme according to your specific request and wishes. In addition to the Russian language lessons you undoubtedly have an attractive option to book some extra activities.  You may opt for such activities as boating, guided excursion to Daugavpils or Kraslava, riding, cycling etc. The possibilities are really endless. You may even choose to stay at our camping during the weekend.

Lielborne Manor offers excellent space for groups of up to 30 people. What is more – you may consider the manor as a unique place for seminars, faculty-led programs and even conferences.

Whatever you choose you will get the best of individual approach, high-quality Russian language programmes and desired privacy. Get in touch with our competent staff and wisely let us know your best-desired learning plan! See you soon at your best residential Russian language training centre in Daugavpils!