Extra individual Russian language lessons

  1. Upgrade your group course with some extra private Russian language lessons

Wish to take just a couple of individual Russian language lessons per week in addition to any group course? Everything is possible! You may book any number of individual lessons. Even 2-4 extra lessons per week will help you incredibly improve your Russian. Be ready to work on any linguistic gaps you may have. Go ahead and upgrade your group course! You may indicate the number of extra lessons in the comments area of the online application form.

Feedback from our Russian language student Renee Samek, USA: ”The individual classroom instruction in Russian was great and the excursions in Russian – awesome! Also, Olga is a great teacher. She worked with me every minute of our time and focused on my weaknesses. Awesome instruction with the awesome teacher!”

Why our students love this option?

Students do appreciate the opportunity to take a couple of extra individual lessons. They can quickly and efficiently work on small linguistic problems (for example, cases or verbs of movement). As a result, they continue their studies with their group harmoniously, without stress and achieve excellent success. You may add extra-Russian language lessons at any moment of your study process. Come to talk to our staff, they will do the best to help you!

You also have the option to book the General Russian module. One module includes 5 individual lessons.

  1. Individual Russian language lessons for expats

Living, working or studying in Riga? Want to get some basic Russian language skills to raise your confidence? Or maybe you plan to boost the skill you already have? Great intention! Guarantees exiting study process. What is more, you will enjoy the individual pace of study and tailor-made curriculum. As a result, you will concentrate only on what you need!
If you rather prefer to learn Russian in a group, take a  look at our Evening Russian course!