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Russian Host Family

Russian Host family accommodation

A Russian Host Family Stay can be your ideal accommodation choice. If you wish to experience the Russian lifestyle and practice the language in an informal atmosphere – choose to stay with a Russian Host Family! Host families live within easy access to the school and city center and are usually located either in Riga or the seaside city of Jurmala.

What does a typical Russian host family look like? In some cases, this term does not mean a traditional married couple with children. Selecting Russian host families, above all else, Russian Language Academy looks for someone who is sociable, likes to meet new people and can give you a warm welcome during your linguistic stay.

As a general rule, the host families will talk to you during meals and are patient and understanding. As a result of your host family’s hospitality, interest, and attentive atmosphere, you will be able to adapt more effectively to your new linguistic and cultural environment.

The school approves and vets all of the host family’s accommodation. Certain staff members at Russian Language Academy personally know all the families and their individual living specifics. There are regular check-ins to monitor the standards of the families, as well as questionnaires you receive at the beginning and at the end of your course. Four options are available: a single or twin room, breakfast only or half board.

Price Per Week for the Host Family Accommodation 

  • Host Family Placement Fee – 50 EUR.
  • Standard Russian Host family, single room with breakfast – 200 EUR, with HB (breakfast and dinner) – 270 EUR per week.
  • Executive Russian Host family, single room with breakfast – 270 EUR, with HB – 350 EUR per week.

* Executive Host Family – offers high-quality accommodation either within walking distance from the school or (at maximum) 50 minutes by public transport. Priority for placement at an Executive Host family is given to the students who choose Intensive (25+) or Individual (at least 20 lessons per week) courses.

Fees include: accommodation services
Accommodation in host families is calculated from Sunday to Sunday. If you wish to arrive earlier or depart later than Sunday, a specific charge for the extra night is applied.

Additional options

  • An extra night with breakfast only – 42 EUR; HB – 55 EUR.
  • Executive Russian host family extra night with breakfast – 50 EUR; HB – 70 EUR.
  • Private bathroom supplement with WC – 30 EUR per week
  • Arrival or departure transfer to/from Riga International Airport (RIX): 50 EUR one way

Our students about their experience

Natasha Wood, USA: “I highly recommend doing a homestay – if you’re looking for language immersion in Riga, there’s no better option. My host mother made me feel very welcome, and found a great balance of encouraging me to practice my Russian while giving me the space i needed to relax at home. She was also a fantastic cook – she often made dumplings from scratch and prepared juice from her own apples.”

Helena Andersson, SWEDEN: “I had five great weeks in Riga! I lived in the Russian host family which I can really recommend! It is a great way to practice speaking in real everyday life situations. Furthermore, you also get a feeling of having a home if you are staying for a long time. I will try to come back to study more as soon as possible”.

Natasha Webster’s mum, UK: “I’d like to thank your host family very much for making Natasha feel so welcome and making her stay so enjoyable. It was a very big step for Natasha to take in being away from home for so long but thanks to their care and hospitality and kindness (and yummy food!) she was able to flourish and to improve her language skills.”


Standard Russian

This favorable course allows to improve your Russian and have enough time to explore Riga!

Extra individual lessons

Even 2-3 extra individual lessons per week may fill in linguistic gaps and improve your progress.

Intensive Russian

Offers 5 extra group lessons for more visible progress in your conversational Russian!