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Russian Online via Skype

Online Russian language lessons

Private Russian online Skype lessons are a highly useful and cost-friendly way to learn Russian, compared to studying abroad. For example, you may set your own study hours, days and level of intensity. You are also welcome to learn Russian online at any time and place. You will get individual lessons with our experienced and encouraging teacher but also engaging online study materials. What is more, you will have regular homework that will ensure a dynamic and effective study process.

Online Russian language lessons include all the language components (reading, listening, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation). Moreover, our teachers always use the communicative approach during the entire lesson. Most importantly is that learning online allows for a deeper concentration on your personal linguistic needs and goals.


Top Benefits of Skype Online Lessons

These days, technology for educational use has changed the way in which people can learn and access new languages. Skype is one of these tools, allowing for studying and cost benefits that traditional approaches have yet to offer:

1. Convenience

Learning the Russian language online is less time consuming, especially for those of us who are always “on-the-go”. Therefore, you’re free to plan lessons according to your own schedule. Considering nowadays that access to the Internet is not a problem, Skype lessons can be carried out no matter where you are.

2. Cost-effective

If you don’t have enough free time or can’t afford to fly to the other side of the world, apply for a course, and book accommodations – Russian language online lessons are the way to go nowadays. Surely, it’s cheaper, easier, and at your own pace.

3. Communication

You must rely on your communicative abilities, in the same way as improving your speaking skills and self-confidence. In other words, it is a great way to improve not only your pronunciation but also to learn. State your opinions on topics, as well as to ask grammatical questions when needed.

4. Multimedia

Using individual Skype lessons, you benefit from seeing the same screen as the teacher at any time, where they can provide you access to various videos, photos, and interactive grammar corrections.

5. Feedback

The teacher being the only person to communicate with you, interactive components of online learning differ from traditional classroom experiences. From correcting your pronunciation to an immediate review of your quizzes and daily mini-tests. To sum up – your studies will definitely benefit from it.

To summarize,  Russian language Skype online classes allow freedom regarding time management. Skype lessons are cost-effective and build confidence for those, whose speaking skills are yet to be mastered. Give it a try and learn Russian online!

Prices for online Russian Skype Lessons

Enrolment fee: EUR 30.00
1-9 lessons: EUR 36.00 per lesson
10+ lessons: EUR 30.00 per lesson
20+ (minimum 4 lessons per week): EUR 26.00 per lesson
Online lessons on weekends or public holidays: EUR 40.00 per lesson

New option to consider
Online lessons ”Russian for Politics” – 480 EUR per 10 lessons.

Feedback from our students about their experience learning Russian online

Ludwig, GERMANY: “The school left a very good impression, teachers always motivate you to learn the Russian language. I continued my Russian language lessons via Skype with my teacher from Riga. In fact, it works better than expected and it gives me a lot of flexibility!”. 

Online Russian Program information

Level of knowledge: A1 – C1
Starting dates: any time upon request
Lesson duration: 50 minutes
Study hours: any time upon request


Come to learn Russian in Riga

There is nothing more spectacular than diving into the atmosphere of the country and studying Russian with real professionals. Join us to enjoy everything we can offer to you!

Standard Russian

This favorable course allows to improve your Russian and have enough time to explore Riga!

Russian for politics

Great news! You may also book our so popular Russian for politics lessons to be delivered by Skype!