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Excellent Russian Program in Riga!

Read up with Anna, a student from the US to find out about learning Russian in Riga. Russian language programs offer much more than just language development to its participants!   Why did you choose to study in Riga?   Firstly, I was looking for a location to study Russian in an environment where many people could speak it. Also, I wanted to visit the Baltic countries. Ultimately, Riga satisfied those requirements, and I chose to study at the BORN...
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Top 3 Riga Art Museums

If you’re someone who enjoys art, you’ll enjoy the wide range of art museums Riga has to offer. Latvia is known for its traditional arts and crafts, and is no stranger to classic and modern arts. This is why Riga’s art museums sit among some of the most interesting and unique museums to visit while studying Russian in Riga. Amongst Riga’s art museums are the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Riga Art Nouveau Center, and the Museum of Decorative...
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Develop Russian Skills!

Find out how to develop Russian speaking skills with this interview from one of our students. Catherine, from the US, talks about her experience learning Russian in Riga below.   Why did you choose to study in Riga?   I chose to study in Riga because I had never been to the Baltics. I’d read that Riga has the highest percentage of Russian speakers in the region. I didn’t know what to expect before coming, but I was amazed! There...
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Summer in Jurmala

Summer in Jurmala is a great time to catch a tan, play some sports, cool off with a swim, or eat great food. From swimming, to sports, to festivals or hanging around town, Jurmala is a great place to relax with friends, and practice your Russian. This town is home to about 25 km of beach on the Gulf of Riga.   Getting to Jurmala Rīga-Pasažieru train station is located in the shopping center, "Origo", right next to the school....
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Studying Russian is Rewarding!

We interviewed one of our students from the UK, Ben, about his Russian studies here in Riga. See below how studying Russian can be rewarding! Why did you choose to study in Riga? Before coming to Riga, I had spent time in Vladivostok (Russia) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). I wanted to spend the summer in one of the Baltic nations, and Latvia just called to me. Riga has been a great place to live and study, and its proximity to Estonia...
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3 of the Best Museums in Riga

If you're interested in Latvian history museums, Riga is the city for you! Riga has a lot of history, which means it has a plentiful collection of historical museums. The museums usually have great ticket prices for students. At every museum there was always something I wasn’t expecting to learn. Some of my favorites so far have been the Latvian Museum of War, the Museum of the History of Medicine, and the Latvian Ethnographic Museum.   Latvian Museum of War...
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