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Taste Ukrainian food in Riga

Do you know that Riga offers a lot of options to enjoy authentic Ukrainian food? Our students explored a lot of cafes and even Ukrainian bars to threat themselves with the most popular Ukrainian food and drinks while studying Russian in Riga. All locations are withing 10-15 minutes walking distance from the school. Let's start? There is the TOP 3 locations recommended by our students: 1. ''Borshch"  - the most traditional Ukrainian hearty dishes, like borshch, liver in a cream source and even vegan cabbage rolls. The cost of most dishes is from 4 to 6 euros. Address: Gertrudes street 6. 2. One more spot to enjoy Ukrainian food ''Milti un Gala'' located in the Gastronomy Pavilion of the Riga Central Market. Get ready to taste various pancakes, cutlets, delicious dumplings and of course - vareniki. This spot offers an option to observe the food preparation...
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Are you a beginner in Russian? Join our group in Riga from February 20

Russian for beginners - face to face lessons in Riga.  February 20 or March 20 are the closest dates for beginners to start learning Russian in Riga, Latvia! Looking for Russian for beginners course? Luckily we still have some spots available for those who want to start speaking Russian from the very first lesson! If you’re a complete beginner - feel free to apply for a group course starting February 20! Get yourself a skilled and enthusiastic teacher, personal approach...
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Shared Flat with 70 EUR discount

And so you've decided on your Russian language course you will be studying in Riga but are yet thinking about a specific accommodation? Let us help you decide - go for a Shared Flat accommodation option in just 20 mins away from the school! Your offer: Stay 2+ weeks -> weekly fee 150 EUR (standard fee: 220 EUR) Stay 1 week -> weekly fee 170 EUR (standard fee: 220 EUR) What to know: Offer valid: until February 10, 2023 Period...
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Learn Russian abroad: semester or year program in Riga

Riga is an excellent and safe destination to learn Russian abroad. Russian language program for long-term studies is an excellent option for those students who want to get maximum result and aimed significantly improve Russian language skills. All long-term students benefit from discounted fees both for the Russian course and residential accommodation in Riga. Have a look at our Russian study abroad program!
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Excellent Russian Program in Riga!

Read up with Anna, a student from the US to find out about learning Russian in Riga. Russian language programs offer much more than just language development to its participants!   Why did you choose to study in Riga?   Firstly, I was looking for a location to study Russian in an environment where many people could speak it. Also, I wanted to visit the Baltic countries. Ultimately, Riga satisfied those requirements, and I chose to study at the BORN...
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Top 3 Riga Art Museums

If you’re someone who enjoys art, you’ll enjoy the wide range of art museums Riga has to offer. Latvia is known for its traditional arts and crafts, and is no stranger to classic and modern arts. This is why Riga’s art museums sit among some of the most interesting and unique museums to visit while studying Russian in Riga. Amongst Riga’s art museums are the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Riga Art Nouveau Center, and the Museum of Decorative...
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