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Midsummer in Riga - Let's Celebrate!

Student Experience: Celebrate Midsummer in Riga Celebrating Midsummer in Riga is one of the many wonderful things about studying Russian in Latvia during the summer. In Latvia, these Midsummer holidays are otherwise known as Līgo and Jāni. The summer solstice holiday is a rich cultural experience that also provides an excellent opportunity to practice your Russian. Additionally, you also get to meet new people and visit the holiday market and festivals--all as part of the celebration! Celebrate Midsummer: Holiday Market...
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Курсы для учителей русского с Erasmus+ летом 2022

Дорогие учителя русского языка как иностранного! Если вы преподаете русский язык, но он для Вас не является родным, присоединяйтесь этим летом к разработанному для преподавателей русского языка курсу! Воспользуйтесь возможностью получить полное финансирование от Erasmus+, как это делают наши студенты-учителя из таких стран, как Польша, Словакия и Чехия!  Чем уникален этот курс? Специализированная программа разработанна конкретно для повышения квалификации преподавателей русского языка как иностранного, с реальными примерами и методичным, практичным подходом. Совершенствуйте Ваши навыки преподавания, уделяя особое внимание обучению без перевода Расширьте Ваш...
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Take these 3 steps for carefree language vacation

Have a dream of studying Russian in Riga? Make 2021 your best year yet!   Let’s call it the magic of 3 steps to make your dream come true: Dream now -> Book today -> Come in summer => Relax and enjoy! Pick and apply for any period in summer you’d like to dedicate to learning Russian Choose the most suitable for your personal needs and goals Russian language course. Individual or Group classes -> spice it up with an...
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Fascinating Russian Easter Facts - did you know?

Let’s talk Easter! Here are some fascinating Russian Easter Facts! Even though the Western world has already celebrated Easter, according to Orthodox tradition in 2021 Easter will be held on May 2. Russians observe many Easter traditions, young and old. Although there are no Easter bunnies or chocolate eggs (but there are eggs!), celebrations involve unique and beautiful customs.   The name. Easter in Russia is called Paskha («Пасха»). In accordance with the Christian tradition, the word signifies transitioning with...
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Time for a free lesson giveaway!

Participate now for an amazing chance to win two online Russian lessons for free. And not just any lessons, but a 2-lesson session in our new (yet already popular!) Russian via movies course! This course is a unique tool to quickly immerse into the world of Russian culture, beautiful cinematography and language. Be ready to have interesting discussions and cultural revelations! Giveaway details: For A2+/B1 level students 5 session dates starting March 8 to choose from Two separate winners (first...
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And so your Russian level is --> C1. Now what?

First of all congratulations - your Russian language knowledge is officially advanced! Now you wonder what course to take after reaching B2+? For advanced students we offer the unique opportunity to reach new amazing highs with the individual C1 Absolute Advanced Course. Our professional teachers are skilled and experienced when it comes to C1 and above levels. They are ready to teach Russian even to native speaking expats at any time. This individual course focuses specifically on: Writing, listening, reading...
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