Why Intensive Russian course with 25 lessons per week is so popular?

The Intensive Russian language course at Russian Language Academy BORN is immensely popular among students who come to study Russian abroad for several compelling reasons: 1.      Maximised Learning Potential. With 25 lessons per week, the Intensive Russian course offers students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the language learning process. The additional 5 lessons per week complement the morning sessions. This allows rapid progress and comprehensive skill development. Take a note: the course with 25 lessons per week can...
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Russian Language Academy Excellence Award

We have fantastic news to share! The Russian Language Academy has received the Excellence Award from LanguageCourse.Net agency! This award recognizes our commitment to providing you with the best language learning experience possible. We owe it all to the wonderful feedback from our past students, who have shown their satisfaction with our teaching. Our entire team at the academy works tirelessly to ensure that your learning journey is exceptional. Russian Language Academy BORN not only want you to learn effectively...
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Russian for beginners course. What to expect?

Embarking on your Russian language journey as a beginner is an exciting adventure filled with discovery and growth! Taking this course with Russian Language Academy BORN will  dive you  into the richness of the Russian language. You will  unlock a world of new sounds, words and expressions. Let’s find out what to expect during your Russian language course for beginners course in Riga and what skills you will learn! By the way, Russian for beginners is available as individual course...
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Why does learning Russian have a positive effect on mental health?

Did you know that learning a new language, including Russian, can be very beneficial for your brain and your well-being? All of us at the BORN Russian Language Academy are very happy to teach Russian to any student enrolled, both in groups and individually. By the way, individual Russian language lessons are very popular not only among our young adults, but also for motivated students over 55 years old, and almost half of them start learning Russian from the very...
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Russian for Beginners course 2024

Looking for Russian for beginners course? Ready for an exciting journey into the enchanting world of Russian? Look no further! Furthermore we at RLA BORN are thrilled to announce our course this year. Moreover, we invite you to join this linguistic adventure. Course Overview: We have designed the Russian for Beginners Course specially for those who are just starting their Russian language journey. Whether you're fascinated by the rich culture or simply enjoy the challenge of learning a new language....
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November 18 - Independence day!

For every Latvian, November 18 is important national holiday, commemorating the creation of the independent Latvian state in 1918.  We invite you to celebrate this day with locals and get the feeling of unity of our people, attending events in Riga!   Riga will offer a great range of events, concerts and several fire and light installations in  city’s parks. Latvian National Museum of History also invite everyone to visit free of charge on November 17th (10:00-16:00) and 18th (11:00-18:00)...
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