Executive center

Welcome to Lielbrone Manor – our brand-new, executive residential Russian language training center for business and professional people!
Now you have a great option to book Individual Russian language course at the historic Lielborne Manor in Latgale. Latgale is a historical and cultural region of Latvia and it is famous for its incredibly picturesque nature. Thus, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Lielborne Manor will become your significant place for learning the Russian language and leisure stay.

Private Russian language lessons

Individual Russian language training for business people and executives at a relaxed yet professional environment Are you ready for a full Russian language immersion training? At our Lielborne Manor executive centre you will enjoy a unique mix of individual Russian language lessons, stunning nature, delicious food and socializing with other schoolmates. You have an absolutely amazing opportunity to meet business and professional people from all over the world. Get ready to share the experience, make life-long and valuable connections, to find out what’s new in the world of business, politics, law etc . And then one day you catch yourself...
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Russian language school in Daugavpils

To learn Russian in Russia or choose an amazing option to learn Russian in Daugavpils, Latvia? It's time to introduce you to our new and unique residential Russian language school in Daugavpils. Just 30 minutes away from Daugavpils city centre, Lielborne manor is the only manor complex that has been preserved in the territory of the Nature Park ‘’Daugavas loki’’.  It is full of historical vibrations, lively atmosphere and unlimited possibilities for your relaxation in the fresh air after the Russian language lessons. At your ultimate disposal, there is a private park for leisurely walks, grassy fields and flowering meadows,...
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Learn Russian and discover Daugavpils

Welcome to learn Russian in Daugavpils and explore the stunning beauty of Latvian nature! Studying Russian at the executive Russian language training center based at Lielborne manor will give you endless possibilities to explore the Latgale region. Let us remind you that Daugavpils is the second biggest city in Latvia and it has the largest population of Russian-speaking people. All this will ensure great extra Russian language practice outside your school lessons. Luckily, the city center of Daugavpils is only 30 minutes away from Lielborne manor so you may visit the city wherever you want. Alternatively, you may visit small...
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