Your Russian language school in Latvia: Riga and Daugavpils

Are you looking for a Russian language school to learn the Russian language? Are high-quality Russian language courses in a safe, easily reachable destination also important to you? Check out the many benefits of studying the Russian language in Riga and Daugavpils, Latvia (Europe)! Our mission is to guide your Russian language development through all four language skills. Skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening – to enrich your vocabulary, grammatical, and language structures significantly.

Friendly environment

Learn the Russian language in a comfortable and friendly environment. We are happy that we can offer you not only great quality courses on two locations, but also a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. We are always ready to help you every moment of your stay in Riga. It is very important both, for us to make sure you enjoy every part of your study experience and are happy to learn Russian in Riga and Daugavpils.

Quality comes first!

Our Russian language school has more than 23 years of experience in international language tourism. The Russian Language Academy has recognition from the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science. We are also an accredited member of EAQUALS. EAQUALS accreditation allows us to be up-to-date with the latest linguistic field trends and guarantees the highest quality. See all the benefits you can expect in an Eaquals accredited school.

A great choice to learn Russian in Riga or Daugavpils

You have an option to choose to learn Russian in our school in Riga or at our Executive Russian language training center in Daugavpils. Our school in Riga offers a wide choice of Russian language courses including both group and individual programs.  The school in Daugavpils set at the Lielborne Manor focuses on private lessons for business and professional people. It offers outstanding facilities and residential onsite accommodation.

See the TOP 3 ”likes” from our former students:

1.Only Russian in the classroom. You will speak, read, talk, as well as listen in Russian from the very first minute of your class! All explanations are in Russian and you will feel completely immersed in the Russian language.

2. Individual approach. Owing to small classes (average 4-5 students per class), you will get a lot of individual attention from your teacher. It really helps you to learn the Russian language and make great progress in a short time!

3. Freedom. You will be able to talk about anything you want in Russian. Your teacher will guide conversations and gives you the freedom to express yourself.


Nora Poisa, director/owner:  “Quite a few students choose our Russian language school to learn Russian because of its convenient location and no visa travel. As well as cheap, direct flights to other areas of the Baltics and Europe. But of course, all students return back because of the quality of teaching and the friendly, safe environment of the school, as well as both cities: Riga and Daugavpils. We welcome you to your first or further Russian language and cultural experience at the Russian Language Academy.”


wdt_ID The school Your studies
1 Internationally accredited Patient teachers
2 Centrally located Rapid progress
3 Friendly staff Small classes
4 Easy booking process Individual approach
5 All year round Internship
6 2 great locations: city school in Riga and unique school at Lielborne Manor, with privacy and getaway to nature guaranteed Specific Modules: Russsian for Politics, for Military and more


Location in Riga

The school has an exceptional location in the very heart of romantic Riga, the capital of Latvia. It’s really the best location in the entire city! Architectural beauty and a sophisticated atmosphere equally surround you every day! The National Opera House is just across the street. The Central Train and Bus Stations aren’t that far either. A block away is also the University of Latvia and across the park – the historic city section of the Old Town. Moreover, the big “Origo” Mall is nearby. Therefore you can find everything you might need during your Russian language stay: from stationery to restaurants and cafes.

Russian Language Academy has two premises by the address: Riga, Raina bulvaris 31.
One for classes (premises Nr.5) and one for the school administration and classes (premises Nr. 15).

The school overall has 5 bright classrooms (and one more to come!), with all the technology necessary for learning. Even more – there is a free Wi-Fi for students. In the student lounge, you’ll find tea for your enjoyment as well as a water dispenser at your service. You will enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the school as well as meet new friends from all over the world. We are sure that a safe and friendly environment is a very important part of your study experience. This ensures your willingness to both speak Russian during your lessons as well as outside classes.

How to find the school?

CLASSES in the premises Nr. 5

  • Please press 5B at the intercom at the 1st iron gates
  • Take the first door on your left side in between the 1st gates and the 2nd gates
  • Please press 486 at the door and go to the third (3rd) floor, enter the door on the left side.

On your first day of studies we will be waiting for you 15 minutes before your class for a brief orientation. During classes the doors of the premises are closed and are open during the breaks. In case you arrive earlier than your lesson starting time and the premises are closed, you’re welcome to wait at the administration office. The office is open from 8:30 until 15:00 daily, Monday-Friday. We’re always happy to see you drop by!

SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION, classes and premises Nr 15.
If you’d like to book additional individual lessons, extend your course, sign up for an excursion, learn more about Riga or have any other questions – please come in!

School administration and the classes are located in the premises Nr. 15.

  • Please press 25B at the intercom next to both iron gates
  • Go through both iron gates into the courtyard
  • On your left side, in the corner of the building, you will see stairs with the iron door
  • Please press 25 at the intercom and go to the third (3rd) floor.

Location in Daugavpils

Lielborne manor, where you will find our new Executive Russian language training center, is the only manor complex that has been preserved in the territory of the Nature Park ‘’Daugavas loki’’, a picturesque ‘Latgale’ region of Latvia. This is such a significant place just 30 minutes away from the city of Daugavpils! It is full of historical vibrations, a lively atmosphere and unlimited possibilities for your relaxation in the fresh air after the lessons of the Russian language. At your ultimate disposal there is a private park for leisurely walks, grassy fields and flowering meadows, the majestic Daugava river for boat trips, fishing and swimming, a pond, atmospheric ruins of a mill, equipped picnic places. You will definitely enjoy all the benefits Executive Russian language training center may offer to you!

Your teachers

It’s so easy to learn Russian with teachers who motivate you to speak Russian all the time!  All the teachers are native Russian speakers who have received the highest degrees in education, philology, applied linguistics, and pedagogy. Our teachers are experienced professionals who specialize in teaching Russian as a foreign language. Moreover, they also have additional qualifications in cultural studies, business, science, law, etc. Therefore they are like actors who invite you to join a show. The teachers motivate you to master Russian grammar, as well as vocabulary, and linguistic principles through interactions, games, and songs. Afterward, you’ll be excited about the Russian language skills gained as well as great memories made with other students.

Feedback from our students about their experience learning Russian abroad

Marianne, UK: “I would like to highlight the quality of the content and the fact that these classes provide you with a great opportunity to speak Russian. The Russian Language Academy’s approach to teaching is both peculiar and meaningful. All the teachers use the communicative method which is the best way to obtain an active knowledge of the language. I was also able to compare the teaching here at the Russian Language Academy with the great number of language classes I attended in my life. I certainly, definitely recommend it!”

Stephenie, USA: “Russian language Academy is a wonderful place to improve all areas of Russian language and start to speak Russian! The teachers are kind, certainly professional and similarly approachable. The environment of RLA is also lovely and conducive to learning, and all the teachers genuinely want you to gain from your experience here.”


A lot of benefits for your progress in Russian. Choosing to learn the Russian language at the Russian Language Academy, you are going to study in a learner-focused and action-oriented teaching institution. The effective use of the “can do” statements serves as learning objectives. You will get all the benefits of effective collaboration as well as interaction with your teacher. It forms on monitoring the teaching process and changing the teaching strategies to the pace of your progress. Above all the motivating study process takes into account your personal needs. Also for fast progress, the teaching process uses only the target language, based on the communicative approach. In summary, our aim is to provide you with a comfortable, well equipped, clean and safe learning environment.

Your progress is important to us. So you will study at the Russian language school that ensures that all language course programs are specified by levels set to the CERF. Certification is key in that the content of the lessons, teaching aids, and the methodology is suitable for your age, level, and personal needs. Also, your feedback and analysis of the course will help our team to improve continuously and positively.

Russian Language Academy’s slogan is “Climb higher with us!”. The logo shows the intention to motivate the students, teachers, and also the staff to develop themselves professionally and personally!

Teaching Materials

Russian Language Academy is proud to be an official partner of the publishing house Zlatoust in St. Petersburg, Russia. It specializes in teaching materials on learning Russian as a foreign language. These materials help teachers in making the learning process smooth as well as correspond to your interests and needs. Valuable books such as “Грамматика в анекдотах” (Grammar in-jokes) and “Сказки на уроке русского языка” (Fairytales during the Russian lesson) acquaint you with the lifestyle and traditions of the Russian people. In addition, “Россия сегодня” (Russia today) through Russian newspapers teaches about youth culture, entertainment, and social problems in modern Russia.

Check for more interviews with happy students on our Youtube page 😉