Standard Russian Course

About the Standard Russian language Course

You are very welcome to book our most popular Russian language course and learn Russian at internationally accredited school!
The Standard Russian Course includes 20 lessons per week, covering all aspects of the Russian language. As a result, you will learn Russian and develop your communicative Russian language skills in the shortest possible time. During your lessons, you will acquire all 4 language skills; these include reading, writing, speaking, listening skills, and the use of grammar. Teachers use reading or listening to stimulate discussion and writing to consolidate your Russian practice.
If you are a complete beginner in Russian, have a look to your fascinating linguistic journey!

Standard Russian – the most popular course!

So why do students who want to learn Russian in Riga often consider our standard course? The course allows you to perfectly combine the two most important parts of the Russian language immersion program: Russian language practice and cultural aspects. Just imagine that taking 20 Russian language lessons per week, you will noticeably see the improvement in your Russian! What is more, you will have enough free time to explore the beautiful city of Riga and get to know Latvia.  That’s why this is one of the most popular programs to learn Russian, especially during the summer! But if you set for more higher progress, definitely consider our Intensive Russian language course or add some Individual lessons (Module of 5 to 10 individual lessons per week).

! The group classes can be conducted either in morning or afternoon time periods (following a zig-zag timetable). Lesson schedule can vary. Each week’s timetable is confirmed on Friday the previous week.

More Options for Standard Russian

In addition to any group program, you may also book one of the Language Plus module courses: Russian for Politics, Business Russian, Russian via Movies, Russian verbs of motion, and more. You may also add General Individual Russian (5 to 10 individual lessons per week), TRKI / TELC exam preparation.
Check the Study Abroad program with the possibility to earn credit points from your home university. Secondly, we advise paying attention to the Long-Term Course for extensive studies and Russian language practice and immersion, price reduction opportunities, and other benefits.

Starting dates for beginners 2024
1, 22
2, 23
1 Number of Russian language lessons per week 20 lessons (50 min each lesson)
2 Course Length 1-52 weeks
3 Entry Level Complete Beginners to Advanced (B1). B2 - upon request.
4 Dates for Complete Beginners in 2024

2024: January 15, February 12, March 11, April 8, May 7, June 3, July 1, July 22, August 12, September 2, September 23, October 14, November 11, December 2.
5 All other levels Can start from every Monday
6 Price per week (without High Season Supplement) 1 week: 300 EUR | 2-6 weeks: 285 EUR
7-11 weeks: 250 EUR | 12-23 weeks: 235 EUR | 24+ weeks 185 EUR
7 High Season dates in 2024: May 27 to September 27. High Season Supplement:
For Group courses: 60 EUR/week
For Individual courses: 120 EUR/week

Additional Information for Standard Russian

Maximum students per class: 10 (in the summer up to 12), average 5.
Complete beginners should be familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet.
A1 level: booking is confirmed after a placement test. You might be recommended to start either on a nearest to yours date or at the Beginners’ level (if A1 standards are not met).

You’re  welcome to see the full Price List here.


Feedback from our students about their Russian course and experience learning Russian abroad in Riga

Justice, USA: “Russian Language Academy in Riga has excellent instructors and a great learning atmosphere. I enjoyed learning Russian and new ways to apply grammatical structures into questions and statements. Above all, I received so much more than I expected! If I study Russian abroad again, I will definitely come here.”

Louise, France: ”I feel that this week has really helped me to improve my Russian skills, especially grammatically. Being able to immerse yourself in the Russian language four hours a day is a great way to learn. I would like to have stayed longer. Thank you dear RLA Riga team!”

Marianne: ”The course aims at developing all language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). But the focus is definitely on the oral part of the language, which I deeply value. The class is constructed as a series of debates and discussions where everyone has the chance to both take part in dialogues and live interaction. Everyone can speak for longer periods of time and develop an argument in depth.”



Intensive Russian

Offers 5 extra group lessons for more visible progress in your conversational Russian!

Extra individual lessons

Even 2-3 extra individual lessons per week may fill in linguistic gaps and improve your progress.

 Shared flat accommodation 

Cozy and nice place to live and relax after your busy study day. Meet students from all around the world and make friends for life. Very popular accommodation option close to the school!