Russian Teachers Methodology

Are you teaching Russian to foreigners? We have a course for you!


The Russian Teachers Development course is for non-native speakers of Russian. For teachers of the Russian language at primary, secondary, or vocational schools, at colleges and universities or at language centers for adults from an A1 (Beginner) to a B2 (Intermediate) level. It is recommended that participants have a level of Russian at CEF level B2+, B2 or B1+ (minimum B1).

Objectives of the course: To be a teacher of the Russian language means we think not only about how to teach Russian grammar. Here, in Riga, you will master Russian language training, learning, and the most effective Russian language teaching methodologies. In other words, the focus is on the teaching techniques of the Russian language without translation, but through explanations.

A bonus of the course: The training course provides teachers of the Russian language with a wonderful opportunity to establish links with Russian language teachers from different countries! In short, this is a great opportunity to exchange experience with professionals from other countries.

Outcome: The course will improve confidence in lesson delivery and expand the participants’ range of methodological approaches to enhance classroom practice.

Participants can choose to study for 1 or 2 weeks.

Our students often apply for the Erasmus+ financial program to fully fund their studies with us. Therefore, we strongly recommend using the opportunity to get funding.

Methodology topics to be covered (skills you need while teaching Russian to your students)

Week 1

wdt_ID Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Specifics of Russian as a foreign language teaching to beginners. Student books and workbooks available for learning the language. Formation of correct pronunciation studying Russian as a foreign language. Songs as a method for improving and mastering pronunciation. Classroom management, types of motivation. Resources for teaching online. How to develop listening skills with the help of phonetic exercises. Methods and techniques of developing reading skills and comprehension. How to guess the meaning of the new words from context.

Week 2

wdt_ID Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 The development of lexis in a Russian as a foreign language classroom. How to develop communicative competence and facilitate group discussions. Elements of a game in developing grammatical awareness. Working with texts can be exciting! The development of writing skills and the variety of writing styles. How to expand and develop thinking skills. The use of interactive methods and internet resources in learning Russian as a foreign language. The ways of testing knowledge, different tests and exams. Original way of using TV news in the teaching process.

Feedback from our students about their experience in Riga

Hana, a Russian language teacher from the Czech Republic: “Latvia is one of the few European countries, where at Russian Language Academy BORN it is possible to study through Erasmus+ funded courses for teacher’s development. As a teacher of the Russian language, I loved the communication skills practice. In addition, the structure of lessons and the variety of useful links and facts provided about the methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Latvia left a wonderful impression on me. To sum up I discovered Riga as an elegant and interesting city where I felt stress-free and very calm.”

Dates for 2024

Starting dates for 1-week course: July 8 – July 12, July 29 – August 2, August 5 – 9
Starting dates for 2 weeks course: July 29 – August 9

Total number of lessons: 15 lessons per week
The course takes place in the afternoons from 13.40 to 16.20.
Maximum class size: 8 participants



Extra Individual Russian language lessons

Even 2-3 extra individual lessons per week may fill in linguistic gaps and improve your progress.

Standard Russian

This favorable course combination Standard Russian + Teaching Methodology allows improving your Russian and have enough time to explore Riga!

 Bring a group of your students to Riga!

Let us show your students beautiful Riga and benefit from a really intensive Russian language practice (from 16 to 30 lessons per week). Add some activities and excursions for a more exciting trip to Riga.


YEAR 2023

wdt_ID Length / Lessons number Price per course in July-August Dates in July Dates in August
1 1 week / 15 lessons in total 360 EUR July 8 – July 12 July 29 – August 2
3 2 weeks / 30 lessons in total 720 EUR n/a July 29 – August 9