Mini Group Russian

Learning Russian in a mini group is an excellent way to combine the Standard or Intensive Russian language lessons with 5 to 10 extra lessons per week at a Mini Group class. The Mini Group class is a small class of a maximum of 5 students, where you benefit from more individual attention from your teacher. During this course, you will improve your fluency in the Russian language quickly and effectively in the shortest possible time. We advise studying Russian in a small group for those who are short of time and enjoy an intensive study process.

The Standard Russian course with 20 Russian language lessons per week covers all aspects of the language and aims to develop students’ communicative efficiency. In fact, you will acquire all 4 language skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening and the use of grammar. Teachers use reading or listening to stimulate discussion and writing to consolidate language practice.

The Intensive Russian course with 25 Russian language lessons per week is designed for the motivated student who wishes to maximize the time spent in Latvia as effectively as possible. In addition to Standard Russian with 20 lessons per week, students will have an extra 5 lessons per week on two afternoons.  Get ready not only to master situational language and discussions through role-play, but also the use of social language.  For this reason, you will greatly develop and improve all the skills necessary for confident communication.

You have the option to choose to learn Russian in a Mini Group 

Standard 20 + Mini Group 5, a total of 25 lessons per week
Standard 20 + Mini Group 10, a total of 30 lessons per week
Intensive 25 + Mini Group 5, a total of 30  lessons per week

You’re  welcome to see the full Price List here.
Starting dates for beginners 2024
1, 22
2, 23
1 Number of Russian language lessons per week 25-30 lessons (50 min each lesson)
2 Course Length 1-52 weeks
3 Entry Level Complete Beginners to Advanced (B1). B2 - upon request.
4 Dates for Complete Beginners in 2023/2024

2023: November 13, December 4.
2024: January 15, February 12, March 11, April 8, May 7, June 3, July 1, July 22, August 12, September 2, September 23, October 14, November 11, December 2.
5 Other levels Can start from every Monday
6 Standard 20 + Mini Group 5 (25 lessons/week)
Price per week (without High Season Supplement)
1-7 weeks: 430 EUR | 8-11 weeks: 400 EUR
12-23 weeks: 385 EUR | 24+ weeks: 330 EUR
7 Standard 20 + Mini Group 10 (30 lessons/week)
Price per week (without High Season Supplement)
1-7 weeks: 560 EUR | 8-11 weeks: 530 EUR
12-23 weeks: 515 EUR | 24+ weeks: 460 EUR
8 Intensive 25 + Mini Group 5 (30 lessons/week)
Price per week (without High Season Supplement)
1-7 weeks: 490 EUR | 8-11 weeks: 455 EUR
12-23 weeks: 430 EUR | 24+ weeks: 370 EUR
9 High Season dates in 2023: May 27 - September 27. High Season Supplement:
For Group courses: 60 EUR/week
For Individual courses: 120 EUR/week

Additional Information for Russian Mini Groups

Maximum students per class: 10 (in the summer up to 12), average 5.
Complete beginners should be familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet.
A1 level: booking is confirmed after a placement test. You might be recommended to start either on a nearest to yours date or at the Beginners’ level (if A1 standards are not met).

Feedback from our students about their experience learning Russian

Emilie F. Dalisda, GERMANY: “I highly enjoyed my experience studying Russian at RLA Durbe. The teachers were really helpful and challenging at the same time. They adapted to our level of knowledge, therefore I could easily improve it. Due to small classes and the fact that we only spoke Russian, the classes were very helpful – we improved all skills with a variety of materials. I also enjoyed the atmosphere during and in between – I received exactly what I wanted from the course.”

Nikola, SLOVAKIA: “I really enjoyed my stay at Russian Language Academy BORN. I learned here much, especially by listening to Russian language and spelling a lot. All staff was really welcoming. I would definitely recommend this school to everybody, regardless of their age. Staying at a host family was also a good choice, as I could practice my spelling after the school. Thank you so much for everything!”


Individual Module

Looking for a super-effective combination? Want to take maximum benefits from your stay in Riga? Consider adding 5 individual lessons on a top. Expect colossal progress!

Individual Intensive SKYPE lessons

Book today Intensive Skype lessons from 15 to 20 lessons per week!

Russian Teachers Methodology

Are you teaching Russian to foreigners? We have a course for you! Master the most effective Russian language teaching methodologies in one or two weeks!