Standard + Politics & Military Russian in groups

We are happy to offer you our new Russian course: Standard Russian + Russian for Politics & Military in mini groups.  The course is created as result of the growing interest among our students about lessons related to politics and military Russian.  The course is great for those who intend to not only improve their general knowledge of Russian. It is useful for everyone who wants to enrich political and military vocabulary.

Russian for Politics + Military course is available  for A2/A2+ and B1/B1+ levels.

Good to know: You may combine Russian for Politics & Military course with other courses at your discretion.  For example, 2 weeks of Intensive Russian (25 lessons per week) + 2 weeks of Standard Russian + Russian for Politics & Military in mini groups.




Why take Russian for Politics & Military course?

  1. Enhanced Communication. Knowledge of Russian will facilitate effective communication in regions where Russian is spoken. Also it will help you with communication where there are interactions with Russian-speaking individuals. It’s particularly beneficial in international operations or missions.
  2. Strategic Advantage. In situations where Russian-speaking adversaries are involved, proficiency in the Russian language can provide a strategic advantage in negotiations, planning, and decision-making processes.
  3. Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Efforts. The course is useful or military personnel involved in peacekeeping or humanitarian missions. Knowing Russian can aid in building rapport with local communities and assisting in humanitarian efforts.

General information:

* Intensity. 25 lessons per week: 20 lessons of Standard Russian course + 5 lessons of specialised Russian in Mini groups of no more than 5 students (average 1-3 students).
*Levels. specialized Russian for Politics & Military is available for:
1) Level А2/А2+ with educational material adapted according to the level.
2) Level В1/В1+ for students of intermediate and advanced levels.
* Duration. 2 weeks, 25 lessons per week. During this 2-week course you will get 10 lessons of specialised Russian and 40 lessons of General Russian.
*Start dates. 22.01, 12.02, 11.03, 8.04, 13.05, 10.06, 8.07, 5.08, 2.09, 30.09, 14.10, 4.11, 9.12.
*Price. 970 euros for 2 weeks.

What will you study?

The new course will improve your skills of professional communication on socially significant topics in the sphere of politics and military affairs. Therefore topics you will discuss during the course are relevant not only for those who study or build their careers in the given specialty. It is also for all those who want to discuss the current situation in the world, to read, listen and understand news sources in Russian.

Topics for levels В1 / В1+ :

  • International cooperation.
  • Globalization.
  • Human migration: reasons and consequences.
  • Domestic and foreign policy.
  • Elections.
  • Social inequality and unemployment.
  • Terrorism.
  • Weapon.

Accordingly during the discussions, the topic of Russian-Ukrainian relations and the current military-political situation in the world is also raised.

Topics for level A2/A2+:

The course is available for students of A2/ A2+ level. It will develop and improve Russian language skills of professional communication in the sphere of politics and military affairs. The course covers the following topics:

  • Foreign affairs.
  • Russian Federation: subjects and borders.
  • Ukraine: structure, national symbols and current situation.
  • Weapon.
  • Military affairs: tactics, transport, equipment.
  • War. Second World War.
  • Domestic policy: social inequality and unemployment.

By choosing this course, you will get an intensive and dynamic learning process.