Specialized Russian

Standard + Politics & Military Russian in groups

We are happy to offer you our new Russian course: Standard Russian + Russian for Politics & Military in mini groups.  The course is created as result of the growing interest among our students about lessons related to politics and military Russian.  The course is great for those who intend to not only improve their general knowledge of Russian. It is useful for everyone who wants to enrich political and military vocabulary. Russian for Politics + Military course is available  for A2/A2+ and B1/B1+ levels. Good to know: You may combine Russian for Politics & Military course with other courses...

Russian for Politics

All You Want to Know About Russian Politics When we talk about Russian politics, isn't the president of Russia the first thing that comes to mind? We highly recommend the Russian for Politics course to any student who studies foreign affairs, diplomacy, international relations, economics, and sociology. This course is key for anyone who works in these fields. And of course for those who know Russian at a B2 level (upper-intermediate). Because of that, the Russian for Politics course is great for those who want to learn more about the Russian used in political contexts. Moreover, you'll be able to...

Russian for Military

"Russian for Military" course has proved itself to be very popular among our Russian language students and is indeed one of a kind. It was developed as a result of increased demand for effective military communication in Russian. This course is both stimulating and wide-ranging in its content. It focuses specifically on the language and communication needs of military personnel. For example, cadets, sergeants, military officers, diplomatic staff, civil servants, government employees, etc. The school developed a special 5 module course - taught on an Individual or Closed Group basis, designed to provide you with confidence in your ability to communicate in Russian,...

Russian Verbs of Motion

Why do you need to know Russian verbs of Motion?   It’s no secret many students face challenges when trying to learn Russian verbs of motion. It’s ok, you have it covered now. Individual course - Russian Verbs of Motion will help you fill all gaps you might have at any level of knowledge. With this individual course you concentrate solely on Russian verbs of movement. As you know, these Russian verbs are among the most used, as they take you to places. You can run [бежать], go [идти], walk [гулять], travel [путешествовать], fly [лететь] or even swim [плыть]. Russian...

Private Russian lessons

The best way to learn Russian fast - private lessons Do you want to make rapid progress or wish to concentrate on particular areas of the language? Consider intensive Individual Russian language courses! If your aim is to learn Russian last, we make sure it will perfectly suit you. Surely, all private Russian language lessons include needs-analysis to make sure you get the best of the course. The teacher will focus on your strengths and the areas you want to improve on in Russian. We provide an individual program custom-tailored to your Russian language level of knowledge, your preferences, professional...

Russian via Movies

We’ve listened to your wishes and present you a new exciting course – learn Russian through Movies! Under a professional guidance of your Russian language teacher, experience this course as a unique tool to quickly immerse into the world of Russian language. Together with your teacher, watch modern short Russian movies (12-15 mins long). These social movies reflect the trends of modern Russian life and the processes taking place in its society. The dialogues in movies represent live colloquial speech and everyday slang. These are films about love, as well as the problems that concern modern youth. Some focus on...

Russian Teachers Methodology

Are you teaching Russian to foreigners? We have a course for you!   The Russian Teachers Development course is for non-native speakers of Russian. For teachers of the Russian language at primary, secondary, or vocational schools, at colleges and universities or at language centers for adults from an A1 (Beginner) to a B2 (Intermediate) level. It is recommended that participants have a level of Russian at CEF level B2+, B2 or B1+ (minimum B1). Objectives of the course: To be a teacher of the Russian language means we think not only about how to teach Russian grammar. Here, in Riga,...

TRKI and Telc Exam course

Individual TRKI Russian language exam course This challenging TRKI Russian language exam (or TORFL - Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) course prepares students for studies at a Russian-speaking university both in Latvia and abroad. The course prepares students for the TRKI exam by developing their Russian language knowledge and skills. The program aims to help a student reach the target language level. The excellently structured exam program with a tutor's personal approach will ensure the success of every student continuing studies at the chosen university or school.  You are welcome to book the individual TRKI Exam preparation module...

Immersion Crash Course

Intensive Russian language immersion course If you have just a week for your Russian language course including weekends and welcome challenges - go for our new intensive Russian Immersion Course! This is a great option if you are highly motivated, hard-working, and interested in an intensive study process with quick progress in a short time! Taking into consideration a high intensity of the course with up to 55 individual lessons per week. Together with the school, you will compose the most advantageous individual study schedule. We will evenly distribute the intensity of all study days throughout the study period. You have...

Business Russian, Music, Literature

Business Russian, Music or Russian literature? You can book these individual modules for the whole year, starting every Monday. The Telc exam preparation course starts on set dates. You can only book modules in addition to any Group or Individual course.  To sum up, the modules consist of 5 lessons, lessons usually take place twice a week from 13.40 to 15.55. Business Russian Russian Music Russian Literature General Russian course TRKI / TELC Exam preparation Russian for Military Russian Language Plus Individual Module 1. The Business Russian module, focusing on the language for everyday business situations, is ideal for professionals who need to expand...

Executive Centre Lielborne Manor

It is time to escape from the rush of noisy cities and relax. Indulge yourself in a peaceful environment taking Russian language courses in our brand new boutique executive centre. You will find the Lielborne Manor with its private park within a 30 minute drive from the city centre of Daugavpils. It is Latvia's 2nd biggest city with the highest Russian speaking population in the country. Lielborne Manor is the only manor complex in the "Daugavas Loki" Nature Park- a UNESCO World Heritage Site, right on the confluence of the Borne and Daugava Rivers. There is the old castle, built...

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Feedback Corner

Great school to learn Russian!

I absolutely recommend Russian Language Academy BORN, because it’s just a great school! With all the experience you get you have a great assessment, you have an approachable administration, really almost feels like family here. Riga is a very beautiful city, it’s still Russian speaking, but offers the safe environment in the EU.
The coolest part for me was teaching, because the teachers were very motivated. It’s great that in class they only speak Russian, which really fosters your learning progress.

Thibo, Switzerland, May 2024

Accelerated learning with expert guidance

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Russian Language Academy BORN!  During my three week stay I learned more than I had previously learned during many months of self-study. My Russian language teacher has decades of professional experience and thus very quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses. She tailored the lessons accordingly and we worked intensely on improving my weak spots.
The administrative staff is always friendly and ahead of things.
Although my main focus was on learning the Russian language, I also enjoyed the beautiful architecture and rich culture of Riga.
It was my second stay in the school and many more will follow!

Jan, Germany, February 2024

I'm extremely thankful!

I had wonderful 4 weeks in Riga! I’m extremely thankful to the school, the teachers and my Russian host mother for how they looked after me, prepared Russian language lessons based on my interests. They all pushed me me forward on my journey with русский язык. Look forward to coming back for more Russian language practice!
Isabel, Brasil, February 2024