Let's explore Latvia

Events in Riga for festive mood.

Top 3 events in Riga to enjoy in anticipation of Christmas season! While practising Your Russian skills and studying, a great way to get the full experience is exploring what city has to offer. Especially with the festive season just around the corner, a few events in Riga worth checking out. Mesmerising light attractions! Snow White exhibition (17.10.2023- 3.03.2024) - The Garden of Light exhibition in Mezaparks inspired by the fairy tale of Snow White. To point out his is...
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Russian Theater in Riga

Get ready to embark on a language immersion opportunity this August! ūüĆü We are thrilled to present a lineup of plays that will help you deepen your connection with the Russian language! ūüéČ Mikhail Chekhov's Riga Russian Theater: Kańľń∑u Street 16, Riga.   ūüź∂ "Dog's Heart" ūüźĺ: Witness the transformation of a dog into a human in this thought-provoking satirical comedy. A brilliant exploration of ethical dilemmas arising from scientific experiments that will keep you engaged and laughing throughout! Dates:...
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What to do in Jurmala?

Hey there, language learners! ‚ėÄÔłŹ Today, let's embark on an exciting exploration of the endless possibilities that await you in JŇęrmala. Prepare for a delightful journey brimming with captivating art, beachside bliss, and awe-inspiring natural wonders! ūüĆī   ‚≠źÔłŹArt Studio 'Inner Light': Indulge your artistic spirit and let it soar at the Art Studio 'Inner Light.' Step into a world of boundless creativity and draw inspiration from captivating exhibitions that showcase the remarkable talents of local artists. From breathtaking paintings...
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Taste Ukrainian food in Riga

Do you know that Riga offers a lot of options to enjoy authentic Ukrainian food? Our students explored a lot of cafes and even Ukrainian bars to threat themselves with the most popular Ukrainian food and drinks while studying Russian in Riga. All locations are withing 10-15 minutes walking distance from the school. Let's start? There is the TOP 3 locations recommended by our students: 1. ''Borshch"  - the most traditional Ukrainian hearty dishes, like borshch, liver in a cream source and even vegan cabbage rolls. The cost of most dishes is from 4 to 6 euros. Address: Gertrudes street 6. 2. One more spot to enjoy Ukrainian food ''Milti un Gala'' located in the Gastronomy Pavilion of the Riga Central Market. Get ready to taste various pancakes, cutlets, delicious dumplings and of course - vareniki. This spot offers an option to observe the food preparation...
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Top 3 Riga Art Museums

If you’re someone who enjoys art, you’ll enjoy the wide range of art museums Riga has to offer. Latvia is known for its traditional arts and crafts, and is no stranger to classic and modern arts. This is why Riga’s art museums sit among some of the most interesting and unique museums to visit while studying Russian in Riga. Amongst Riga’s art museums are the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Riga Art Nouveau Center, and the Museum of Decorative...
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Summer in Jurmala

Summer in Jurmala is a great time to catch a tan, play some sports, cool off with a swim, or eat great food. From swimming, to sports, to festivals or hanging around town, Jurmala is a great place to relax with friends, and practice your Russian. This town is home to about 25 km of beach on the Gulf of Riga.   Getting to Jurmala Rńęga-PasaŇĺieru train station is located in the shopping center, "Origo", right next to the school....
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