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Business Russian, Music, Literature

Business Russian, Music or Russian literature?


You can book these individual modules for the whole year, starting every Monday. The Telc exam preparation course starts on set dates. You can only book modules in addition to any Group or Individual course.  To sum up, the modules consist of 5 lessons in the afternoons, lessons usually take place twice a week from 13.30 to 15.45.



Russian Language Plus Individual Module

1. The Business Russian module, focusing on the language for everyday business situations, is ideal for professionals who need to expand their vocabulary. This course is especially useful in marketing and sales. Certainly, it helps to improve your ability to build and establish successful relationships with Russian business partners. For example, Business Russian courses concentrate on customer and bank service, companies, stock exchange, insurances, marketing, sales, finance, etc. Furthermore, by practicing the use of Russian grammar, listening, writing, and reading tasks, you will develop confidence in communicating by learning language through realistic business situations. Your teachers are experienced professionals specialized to teach Russian as a foreign language using the highly effective communicative approach. In conclusion, you will definitely enjoy your studies and the professional, yet friendly environment during your lessons.
Minimum level for Business Russian: A2

2. Choosing the Russian Music module you will expand your vocabulary with both poetic and modern slang by listening to famous Russian songs of the 20th century, starting from folk songs and ballads up to rock and pop music.
Minimum level for Russian Music: A2

3. The Russian Literature module focuses on classical and modern Russian literature. Reading and discussing Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pelevin, and many other renowned and popular writers will bring you closer to the mysterious Russian soul. Therefore, the Russian Literature Module offers you a better insight into the Russian literary world.
Minimum level for Russian Literature: B2

General information:
Minimum enrollment: 1 week;
Lessons per module: 5;
Fee per module: 240 EUR (2+ modules: 210 EUR per module)