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Discount for a long-term course


📚 Unlock Savings with Long-Term Learning! Study Longer, Pay Less! 📚

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of learning Russian? We’ve got fantastic news for you! At Russian Language Academy BORN, we believe that dedication to learning should be rewarded. That’s why we have a discount for a long-term course. The longer you stay with us, the more you save!

Imagine this: if you’re aiming for 20 weeks of language learning for a Standard Russian Course, the regular weekly price is €235. However, if you decide to immerse yourself for 24 weeks, your weekly cost drops to just €180! So the total price is €4700 for 20 weeks and €4320 for 24 weeks! That’s an incredible €380 discount, enabling you to save a substantial amount while you master the Russian language.

💰 Look at our enticing discount structure for our Standard Russian Course:

  • 1-7 weeks: €280 per week
  • 8-11 weeks: €250 per week
  • 12-23 weeks: €235 per week
  • 24+ weeks: An astounding €180 per week!

Ready to dive in? Visit our website price list to see discounts for other courses and apply for a longer study period to pay less! See you in Riga!