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Why does learning Russian have a positive effect on mental health?


Did you know that learning a new language, including Russian, can be very beneficial for your brain and your well-being? All of us at the BORN Russian Language Academy are very happy to teach Russian to any student enrolled, both in groups and individually. By the way, individual Russian language lessons are very popular not only among our young adults, but also for motivated students over 55 years old, and almost half of them start learning Russian from the very beginning.

So, let’s find out why learning Russian language can have several positive effects on mental health, contributing to overall well-being?

  1. Makes Your Brain Stronger:

Learning a new language makes your brain work harder, like doing exercises for your mind. It helps you remember things better and think more clearly.

  1. Helps You Feel Less Stressed:

When you learn Russian language, you focus on something fun and interesting. It can take your mind off stress and give you a positive activity to do.

  1. Makes You Feel Proud:

When you learn new words or speak in Russian language, it makes you feel good about yourself. It’s like solving a puzzle or finishing a game – a great sense of achievement.

  1. Teaches You about Different Cultures:

Languages are connected to cultures. Learning a language lets you explore how people from different places live and think. This can make you more understanding and open-minded. Studying Russian in Riga will give you a great new experience about the culture and traditions of our bilingual country – Latvia. By the way have a look at our charming boutique hotel Lielborne Manor located in Latgale region. Visiting Latgale and spending your weekend in Lielborne Manor will also give you an amazing new experience. There you can take an individual Russian language course as well.

  1. Keeps Your Brain Young:

Learning languages helps your brain stay young. It’s like giving it a good workout, and this can protect your brain as you get older. Learning Russian language challenges your brain to think in different ways. This flexibility can be good for your mental health, making your mind more adaptable.

So, learning any new language is not just about words – it’s about feeling good, making friends, and keeping your mind happy and healthy. Do hope we managed to explain why learning Russian have a positive effect on mental health? 🙂

Our friendly RLA BORN support team will be happy to help you to choose the most appropriate course, get in touch anytime, writing to: russian@born.edu.lv