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General Russian

Standard Russian Language course
Russian language immersion course with 20 lessons per week covers all aspects of the Russian language. As a result, you will learn Russian and develop your Russian language communicative ability in the shortest possible time. During the Russian language lessons, you will acquire all 4 language skills. These include reading, writing, speaking, listening skills and the use of grammar. Teachers use reading or listening to stimulate discussion and writing to consolidate your Russian language practice. Why students who want to learn the Russian language in Riga often consider our Standard Russian Language course? Russian language course perfectly allows you to combine the two...
Intensive Russian
Intensive Russian language classes with 25 lessons per week is an ideal option if you wish to maximize your time in Latvia. In addition to Standard Russian language course with 20 lessons per week taken in the mornings, you will have an additional 5 lessons per week on two afternoons. During intensive Russian language classes, you will learn Russian fast! What is more - you will noticeably improve your fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation in Russian. Get ready to master the situational Russian language, take part in discussions and role plays. Moreover, you will also practice the social language in ''real life'' situations. Thanks to an...
Mini Group Russian
Learning Russian at a Mini Group is an excellent way to combine the Standard or Intensive Russian with 5 to 10 extra lessons per week at a Mini Group class. The Mini Group is a small class of maximum 5 students where you benefit from more individual attention from your teacher. During this course, you will improve your fluency in the Russian language quickly and effectively in the shortest possible time. We advice studying Russian in a small group for those, who are short of time and enjoy an intensive study process. Standard Russian course with 20 lessons per week covers all...
Individual Russian
If you need to make rapid progress or wish to concentrate on particular areas of language - this course suits you perfectly. Surely all private Russian language courses include needs analysis. The teacher will focus on your Russian, on your strengths and the areas you want to improve. You will have an individual program according to your Russian language level of knowledge, your preferences, professional interests and needs. You have an option to book any course intensity starting from 15 and up to 40 lessons per week.  The advantage of the course includes individual support from your teacher and possibility to study at...
Russian Online via Skype
Private Skype lessons are a highly effective and cost-efficient way to learn Russian, compared to studying abroad. For example, you may set your own study hours, day and study intensity and you are welcome to learn Russian online at any time and place. You will get individual lessons with our experienced and encouraging teacher but innovative online study materials and regular homework will ensure a dynamic and effective study process. Online Russian language lessons include all language components (reading, listening, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) and our teachers always use the communicative approach during the whole lesson. Most important that online tuition...
Vacation Club 50+
Are you a mature but young-at-heart student, looking for both an exciting vacation and study experience in Latvia? Vacation Club 50+ is designed especially for you! The program challenges you to stay intellectually stimulated by learning the Russian language in the mornings. What is more - you will be socially engaged by exploring the most interesting places of Riga during excursions and museum visits in the afternoon. At the same time, we have included for your weekly full-day excursions to the most beautiful places in Latvia, for example, Sigulda  -  “Switzerland of Latvia” with its picturesque scenery or Jurmala - peaceful seaside resort.  We will take you out...
Tailor-made groups
Russian language tailor-made programs for any age groups are available all year round! Come to Riga to learn Russian language and have fun during amazing activities that will be interesting to any age group – they'll ensure your students won’t get bored! Upon request, groups of students age 15 + may be integrated into the classes with other students. We accept students with any level of Russian   Dates: all year round Arrival: Saturday or Sunday Students age: school groups, adult groups     What you can include in the Russian language tailor-made program Russian language lessons - you may include any number of lessons as you...
Evening Russian
Are you a foreigner who lives, works or studies in Riga? Then you just need the basics of the Russian language for absolute comfort and confidence. In other words consider part-time Evening Russian language course. During Evening Russian language courses you will develop your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Above all, a part-time Russian course will help to consolidate your grammar knowledge. Due to the high intensity of the learning process and individual approach you will quickly achieve the desired results.  In addition, the studies in a small group provide a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the classroom. As...

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Feedback Corner

Paul Glenn, USA

The teachers at RLA Durbe are extremely experienced, lessons are well thought out. The school is great, the staff are helpful & knowledgeable. The Shared Flat was great as well – everything worked, the Internet was fast and TV had Russian programs. Course itself was amazing & I can’t wait to come back sometime in 2019.

Agency ''LEC Centre Spolka'', Poland
”I would like to thank you VERY MUCH for your team’s work! I have got an excellent feedback from the client. Amelia’s mother wrote that the course, programme and host family were at the top level and her daughter Amelia enjoyed everything a lot!
Maria Bunaszak, Founder and president of LEC Center Spółka z o.o.
Noam Perlman, Sweden

I really like the type of teaching here in Durbe since it is very interactive, students and teachers have an ongoing dialogue. I chose Riga because I heard that it is a beautiful city and because it is a much safer environment than Russia. My impression of the city is wonderful: I really love its architecture, the old buildings, the history, and every part is different and you get different feelings in each part of the town.