Executive Russian language school in Daugavpils

Learn the Russian language in Daugavpils

It’s time to introduce to you our new and unique residential Russian language school in Daugavpils. Just 30 minutes away from Daugavpils city centre, Lielborne manor is the only manor complex that has been preserved in the territory of the Nature Park ‘’Daugavas loki’’.  It is full of historical vibrations, lively atmosphere and unlimited possibilities for your relaxation in the fresh air after the Russian language lessons. At your ultimate disposal, there is a private park for leisurely walks, grassy fields and flowering meadows, the majestic Daugava river for boat trips, fishing and swimming, a pond, atmospheric ruins of a mill, equipped picnic places. You will definitely enjoy all the benefits Executive Russian language training centre may offer you! Here, you will experience your own, unique B.O.R.N. (Big Opportunities to learn Russian Naturally).

Learn Russian and live onsite at Lielborne Manor

Do you agree that it is so convenient to study and live in one place? This means that your morning will be unhurried, you will not spend your valuable time on public transport. You can sleep longer in the morning or, for example, spend more time jogging or practicing meditation. Learn Russian in a relaxed yet professional environment and enjoy your getaway with Latvian nature.

General information about Executive Russian language training centre at Lielborne Manor

Location: just 30  minutes away from Daugavpils city centre, the second-largest city in Latvia. By the way – Daugavpils has the largest population of Russian-speaking residents in Latvia
Programmes offered onsite: Individual and executive Russian language lessons from 15 up to 40 lessons per week, Russian for Military, Russin for Politics, tailor-made programs for individuals and groups from age 17+
Accommodation: onsite at historical Lielborne manor, single room, full board weekdays and half-board on weekends. Accommodation for groups up to 30 people in rooms for 2 – 4 people.
Facilities and benefits: free tea and coffee, library and print media in Russian, access to outdoor sporting and leisure facilities, social lounge and the manor’s bar, manor’s onsite restaurant, outdoor patio, manor’s private park and much much more! Check the website for more detailed information about all benefits Lielborne Manor is offering you.
Study period: our Executive Russian language training center is open all year round and you are welcome to book a course anytime you want.
Study length: you may book any number of weeks! We have also prepared an amazing 3 days Russian language immersion program for those who are short of time!
Minimum age: for individual students 21+, for accompanied groups 17+
One lesson: 50 minutes

Start to learn the Russian language in Daugavpils from autumn 2020! Book the program from January 2020!
Have a look at all benefits your residential Russian language school at Lielborne manor may offer to you. We sure you will enjoy this amazing place!