Challenge Russian

Russian for beginners course. What to expect?


Embarking on your Russian language journey as a beginner is an exciting adventure filled with discovery and growth! Taking this course with Russian Language Academy BORN will  dive you  into the richness of the Russian language. You will  unlock a world of new sounds, words and expressions.

Let’s find out what to expect during your Russian language course for beginners course in Riga and what skills you will learn! By the way, Russian for beginners is available as individual course as well. Taking private lessons ensures more rapid progress in a short time!

Mastering the Cyrillic Alphabet:

You’re about to conquer the Cyrillic alphabet! Each letter is a key to unlocking the beauty of the Russian language. Get ready to read, write, and pronounce words in a whole new way.

Greetings that Open Doors:

Imagine confidently exchanging greetings and introductions in Russian. You’re about to discover the power of “Привет!” (Hello) and “Как дела?” (How are you?). These simple phrases will open doors to meaningful connections.

Building Your Vocabulary Kingdom:

Picture yourself building a vibrant vocabulary kingdom. Numbers, colors, family members, and everyday objects. Each word you learn adds a new piece to your linguistic realm. Your world of Russian words is expanding!

Grammar Unveiled:

Unveil the secrets of Russian grammar! Nouns, adjectives, verbs – you’re about to understand how they dance together in the Russian language. Embrace the rules and watch your sentences come to life.

Expressing Yourself:

Feel the thrill of expressing yourself in Russian! You’ll soon be confidently sharing your thoughts, describing your favorite activities. Get ready to engage in basic conversations. Your voice in Russian is ready to be heard.

Reading Adventures:

Dive into reading adventures in Russian! With each page, you’ll decipher words, understand sentences, and unlock the magic of written Russian. Your journey into the world of Russian literature is just beginning.

Cultural Connections:

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Russian culture. From traditional customs to modern trends, you’ll gain insights that go beyond language. Your understanding of Russian goes hand in hand with cultural appreciation.

Celebrate Progress:

Celebrate every milestone! From mastering a tricky pronunciation to confidently holding a conversation, every step forward is a reason to celebrate. Your progress is a testament to your dedication and the exciting journey you’re on.

Inspiring Support:

Throughout your Russian language for beginners course, you’re not alone. The teachers of our school are your guides, providing support, encouragement, and valuable feedback. Together, you’ll turn challenges into triumphs, making your Russian learning experience truly inspiring.

Every lesson is a step closer to unlocking the beauty of the language and the rich culture it represents. Russian language for beginners is not only about grammar and speaking skills. Your journey is not just about learning words. It’s about discovering a new way to express yourself and connect with a world of possibilities. Enjoy the adventure during your Russian language course in Riga!

Get in touch with any questions you may have writing to russian@born.edu.lv ! We love to hear from you!