Why our school is called BORN?


Have you ever thought about why our Russian Language Academy is called BORN? It’s all thanks to the founder’s inspiration from Lielborne manor. With its stunning natural beauty and elegant surroundings, it’s easy to see how the manor inspired the founders. But what’s the connection between a language academy and a manor? Well, just as the manor represents elegance and sophistication, the Russian Language Academy BORN represents the same in language learning – it’s where you can elevate your language skills to new heights and become fluent in a new language with elegance and grace!

Since both names have the word BORN in them, take a look at a word game with the word BORN that will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of the Russian Language Academy BORN!

B – Bring your love for learning to our language school and watch it BORN into fluency!

O – Oh my, Riga has so many sights and attractions, you will be BORN again as a tourist!

R – Ready to impress your friends with your newfound language skills? Enroll at the school and watch your confidence be BORN.

N – Nothing feels better than speaking Russian like a native. At the school, we will help you get that Russian accent BORN.

Can you come up with a word game for the word “BORN” related to our Russian Language Academy BORN?