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Russian Theater in Riga


Get ready to embark on a language immersion opportunity this August! 🌟 We are thrilled to present a lineup of plays that will help you deepen your connection with the Russian language! 🎉

Mikhail Chekhov’s Riga Russian Theater: Kaļķu Street 16, Riga.


🐶 “Dog’s Heart” 🐾: Witness the transformation of a dog into a human in this thought-provoking satirical comedy. A brilliant exploration of ethical dilemmas arising from scientific experiments that will keep you engaged and laughing throughout!

Dates: 19.08. (18:00), 20.08. (17:00)

Price: 10 € – 35 €


🎭 “Hamlet” 👑: Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy. Experience this unparalleled classic’s highs and lows of betrayal, payback, and existential questions.

Dates: 3.08. (19:00), 4.08. (19:00)

Price: 10 € – 35 €


🗡️ “The Count of Monte Cristo” ⚔️: Follow Edmond Dantes’ riveting journey from despair to revenge in this epic saga of love and betrayal. Performed in Russian, this tale of salvation will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Dates: 5.08. (19:00), 6.08. (17:00)

Price: 10 € – 30 €


🎹 “The Genius on the Ship” 🎶: The story revolves around a genius musician born on a huge ship and his entire life mastering the piano. Get ready for an enchanting exploration of talent and passion.

Dates: 8.08. (19:00), 9.08. (19:00).

Price: 25 € – 35 €


🏙️ “Central Park West” 🍿: Delve into a story filled with humor, surprises, and poignant lessons on the true essence of human beings. This play challenges us to reflect on the importance of spiritual values and the nuances of relationships.

Dates: 12.08. (18:00), 13.08. (17:00)

Price: 10 € – 30 €


These enchanting plays offer a delightful entertainment experience and a unique opportunity to practice and enhance your listening skills through the immersive Russian theater. See you there! 🎫🌟