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Long-Term Russian

Why choose learning Russian abroad?

Learning Russian abroad long-term is one of the most rewarding things you can do: it’s perfect for your linguistic goals, exploring new horizons, and most importantly– for your personal and professional growth.

If you wish to noticeably improve your Russian language skills, look into the opportunity to invest in yourself – study Russian in Europe! Choose a long-term Russian course of at least 8 weeks and enjoy the entirety of your stay in Riga. Moreover, get reduced tuition fees from 280 EUR down to 180 EUR per week. Pay attention to the fact that the tuition fee for the long-term course is price-regressive. Which means that the Standard Group course of 20 lessons per week for 18 weeks costs 4230 EUR in total, yet the same course for 24 weeks – 4320 EUR, with only a 90 EUR difference for 6 weeks of studies.

See the Price Reduction for Long-Term Studies (Standard Russian 20 lessons per week) :

1-7 weeks: 280 EUR / week + High season supplement 60 EUR/week
8 – 11 weeks: 250 EUR/week + High season supplement 60 EUR/week
12 – 23 weeks: 235 EUR/week + High season supplement 60 EUR/week
24+ weeks: 180 EUR/week.  High season supplement does not apply!

Moreover, with a new permanent accommodation offer for our long-term students, you can save up to 35% off the full accommodation price. The longer you stay – the bigger the discount! Thus, you get the most out of your money. Noticeably, improving all your Russian language skills and simultaneously discovering every unique thing Latvia has to offer!

Students from the USA have a great opportunity to apply for a linguistic scholarship for learning Russian abroad and long-term studies. For example, the Boren Scholarship, Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) scholarship, and others. Therefore, studying Russian in Russia is not the only option you have! You are lucky to choose romantic Riga as your trendy study destination!

Check out Study Abroad Program for learning Russian abroad to get more information about all the benefits, great study options with the possibility to earn credits hours from your home university, and programs available for our long-term students.

Check prices for tuition and accommodation.