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Stay tuned for more good news!

How are you, dear students? We have some positive news to share with you! 😉 Here in Latvia due to the latest records of quickly improving amount of healthy people, many restrictions are being lifted. Museums opening up for the curious visitors, summer cafés welcoming in with fresh coffee, borders are opening for international flights ✈️ to Vilnius, Tallinn, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Oslo. But we’re promised more international flights to come! The locals are also steadily enjoying the sun ☀️ and getting back to normal...
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Practical tips how to learn Russian online

Congratulations! You have successfully started or just going to apply for your online Russian language course. Have you prepared well? Here are the best tips for online learners that will help you succeed with your Russian online lessons. Follow some very simple, but effective rules! Make a Study Plan Write out a weekly schedule with your study dates and times to focus only on Russian online classes with no distractions. That's important. And add a few hours daily for homework,...
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Choose your best Russian online program

Dear students, Russian Language Academy is working and keeps on with Russian language courses ONLINE. It’s important for us that you have a chance to keep on aiming for new heights.  Even if you have to stay at home, you may still learn Russian online! Our skilled and highly professional teachers will take care about your progress! Choose the most suitable for your personal needs course and learn Russian online: - Semi-intensive Russian language Skype group course (10 lesson/week) Book...
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Intensive online Russian language lessons

You have a great possibility to book Intensive Online lessons  from 15 to 20 lessons per week. We understand, that the present situation with ‘’Covid-19’’ may impact your plans to take Russian language course in Riga. Taking care of your safety and supporting your willingness to study and improve your Russian, we are happy to make a very special offer for Individual intensive online lessons. Be sure that the teaching method and results achieved with be as good as if you are in...
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I came to Riga for the fifth time!

It's always a great pleasure when our Russian language students decide to come back to study in our school. Natasha from the UK is an extraordinary case because she is currently studying for the fifth time at Russian Language Academy Durbe. For this reason we are very honoured and we decided to share with you her experience and her personal growth at RLA Durbe. Russian Language Academy Durbe from the point of view of our student Natasha RLA Durbe: Which...
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Applying for Boren? Consult our Boren Ambassadors!

Dear students! Are you planning to apply for Boren to study Russian, but have some question or need some practical advice? Great! We are happy to introduce you to our official Boren Ambassadors, who have been studying Russian with us from September 2019! Both Justin and Dalton will be happy to guide you as well as give some useful tips regarding the Boren application process for your Russian language studies. They will share their first-hand practical experience with you as...
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