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Russian for Politics&Military in groups now

Exciting news! We did our best to make Russian for Politics and Military more available and price friendly for You!   Therefore announcing our new 2 week course “Standard + Russian for Politics/Military Mini group 5".  We aimed the new course at enhancing and improving Your skills of professional communication. Focusing on socially significant topics in the sphere of politics and military affairs. Therefore topics discussed during the group course are relevant not only for those who study or build their...
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Book your private Russian course with 25% discount

Private Russian language lessons have been always popular and demanded by our students. Private lessons will help to you master your Russian language skills under an attentive supervision of your teacher. You can set any linguistic goals and work at the pace that is most comfortable for you. Whether it's active speaking practice or working on improving your grammar, you can be sure that you will make significant progress. You will get lessons according to your linguistic needs. Get ready  to achieve the maximum result you expect in a short time. Private Russian...
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Test your Russian for free!

Are you curious to find out your Russian language level? Welcome to go ahead with a free online test to find out how good are you in Russian. Once we get results, we will e-mail you the number of correct answers and your estimated Russian language level. And who knows, may be you will get a special secret offer for your Russian language course in Riga this year. Are you ready? Let's start! “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” (Henry Ford)
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November 18 - Independence day!

For every Latvian, November 18 is important national holiday, commemorating the creation of the independent Latvian state in 1918.  We invite you to celebrate this day with locals and get the feeling of unity of our people, attending events in Riga!  Riga will offer a great range of events, concerts and several fire and light installations in city’s parks. Latvian National Museum of History also invite everyone to visit free of charge on November 17th (10:00-16:00) and 18th (11:00-18:00). Fireworks...
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Boren Scholarships

🌍 Hey! If you're a U.S. student who wants to learn Russian in Riga (Latvia, Europe), Russian Language Academy BORN this is for you. We have students studying Russian in Riga with a Boren scholarship. So, let's find out what it is and how to get it! 🌟 Who Can Apply? Open to all U.S. citizens in undergrad programs. Embrace uncommon languages and global issues. Boren Scolarships covers up to 25,000$ of expenses depending on duration of stay. How and...
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Why learning Russian in the fall is a good idea?

Why autumn is a great time to book Russian course abroad? There are few great facts to come for your Russian language course during fall season: 1. Cheaper price for the lessons, as you don't need to pay summer supplement anymore. This will help you to save 60-120 EUR weekly. For sure this is good reason to book Russian course abroad in a low season :) 2. Small groups comparing to summer season (average 3-5 students in the class). So you will get even more individual approach and attention from your teacher and will learn Russian fast. 3. Amazing fall vibes and colourful nature will admire you and will provide aesthetic pleasure for your eyes....
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