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Fascinating Russian Easter Facts - did you know?

Let’s talk Easter! Here are some fascinating Russian Easter Facts! Even though the Western world has already celebrated Easter, according to Orthodox tradition in 2021 Easter will be held on May 2. Russians observe many Easter traditions, young and old. Although there are no Easter bunnies or chocolate eggs (but there are eggs!), celebrations involve unique and beautiful customs.   The name. Easter in Russia is called Paskha («Пасха»). In accordance with the Christian tradition, the word signifies transitioning with...
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Get 2 free Russian language lessons

Book 10 individual online Russian language lessons taken in one week and get extra 2 lessons free of charge! Details: Study periods: 26 — 30 April or 10 — 14 May Intensity: 12 lessons in one week (minimal lessons number per week -8 and 4 other can be taken any other week). Levels: all levels, A1 - B+ One lesson: 50 minutes Price: 230 EUR. One time registration fee: 30 EUR. Book your course until April 19 and get 50%...
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Book your summer course in Riga now, pay later!

Taking any steps to make this summer unforgettable?  Take just 4!   These steps are: plan now, book your Russian language course today, pay later and come to study Russian in summer! Step 1. Make plans for any summer period you wish to dedicate to learning Russian. Step 2. Easily book your summer Russian language course. Pick the most suitable course for your personal needs and goals – we have plenty for you to choose from! Step 3. Pay for...
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Students, are you ready for Russian language exam?

Take your Russian language exam soon and want to hone your presentation skills? Russian Language Academy with a team of patient and very experienced teachers is ready to help to master your skills to ensure you will get great results! Take an advantage of online sessions: "Presentations in Russian. Individual online sessions. Upper Intermediate and Advanced level" Russian language exam preparation packages to choose from: 5 online lessons – price 150 EUR. 6 online lessons – price 165 EUR. 8...
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Time for a free lesson giveaway!

Participate now for an amazing chance to win two online Russian lessons for free. And not just any lessons, but a 2-lesson session in our new (yet already popular!) Russian via movies course! This course is a unique tool to quickly immerse into the world of Russian culture, beautiful cinematography and language. Be ready to have interesting discussions and cultural revelations! Giveaway details: For A2+/B1 level students 5 session dates starting March 8 to choose from Two separate winners (first...
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Your best offers for April

SPECIAL SPRING 2021 OFFERS for your ONLINE RUSSIAN COURSE! Your dream Russian language course offers are here! Make your choice between the most suitable Individual or Group courses and start learning Russian from tomorrow. ONLINE INDIVIDUAL OFFERS 10 lessons in one week - 210 EUR (2 lessons per day, 5 study days or 2.5 lessons per day with 4 study days) 10 lessons in 2 weeks - 230 EUR (flexible timetable) flexible lessons number (min 2 lessons/ week) - 24...
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