C1 Individual Advanced Russian

Are you looking at your pretty B2+ certificate and thinking – what’s next? Next is you reaching new amazing highs with the Russian Individual Advanced Course C1. Our professional teachers are skilled and experienced when it comes to C1 and above levels. Moreover, they are also ready to teach Russian even to native speaking expats at any time.

Use your Russian skills without help in an academic, work environment or with native Russians. The course will teach you to understand the subtle and detailed meaning in conversations and texts as well as being able to express yourself in a detailed manner in Russian.

This course incorporates:
  • Authentic texts and various programs on current issues
  • Exploring daily news: topic related tasks and topic-based translation
  • Expressing your point of view on language-advanced themes: economics, global problems, culture and much more!

Individual Advanced C1 program

wdt_ID Skills Focus on More focus on
1 Writing Writing texts based on what you’ve heard or read. Practise of the ability to process the received information in accordance with certain pragmatic goals of its subsequent use.
2 Listening Listening to audio texts (dialogues, monologues, fragments of films and performances, interviews). The goal is to understand the socio-cultural and emotionally expressive features of the speakers ‘ speech. Correct interpretation of statements and implicitly expressed meanings.
3 Reading Reading unadapted texts on any topic (abstract-philosophical, journalistic, artistic). The practice of understanding and interpretation.
4 Vocabulary Idioms. Understanding. Interpretation. Use in speech.

The goal of the Individual Advanced Course

Start to easily understand everything you hear and read. Similarly get to talk on difficult subjects at high pace and create thoughtful texts with different content, type and style. Most importantly – speak fluently with native Russians on any number of subjects!

More options for the Individual Advanced course if you want to learn Russian fast

In addition to your main individual Russian language lessons, you may take one of our individual Language Plus module courses. You may choose Russian for Politics, Military Russian, Russian via Movies, Russian verbs of motion or even TRKI / TELC exam preparation. Above all create your own fully tailor made Russian language immersion!

You’re  welcome to see the full Price List here.
1 Number of Russian language lessons per week 15 – 40 lessons (50 min each lesson)
2 Course Length 1-52 weeks
3 Entry Level Advanced (C1) onwards
4 Starting dates in 2023 Upon request from any Monday
6 Price per week (without High Season Supplement) Starting from 682 EUR for 15 lessons
7 High Season dates in 2023: May 22 - September 24. High Season Supplement:
For Group courses: 60 EUR/week
For Individual courses: 120 EUR/week

Additional Information for C1 Individual Advanced Russian

Course available: Russian language school in Riga, as well as Executive Russian language school in Daugavpils at Lielborne manor.
Please note that all Individual lessons are conducted in the afternoons. We guarantee individual lessons in the mornings for bookings of 30+ lessons per week.

Have a specific course focus request? Let us know! -> russian@durbe.edu.lv 🙂


Russian verbs of motion 

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Military Russian

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New in 2021! Russian via Movies 

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