Russian via Movies

We’ve listened to your wishes and present you a new exciting course – learn Russian through Movies!

Under a professional guidance of your Russian language teacher, experience this course as a unique tool to quickly immerse into the world of Russian language.

Together with your teacher, watch modern short Russian movies (12-15 mins long). These social movies reflect the trends of modern Russian life and the processes taking place in its society.

The dialogues in movies represent live colloquial speech and everyday slang. These are films about love, as well as the problems that concern modern youth. Some focus on the relationship between a man and a woman, as well as how people manifest themselves in unusual, extraordinary situations.

The genres of films are also very diverse. Some are light-hearted, funny and will make you laugh. Some will make you think or may even shock you. But rest assured – you won’t get bored for a minute!

Russian via Movies program structure:

The goal of this course is to expand your country-specific knowledge (About Russia, its daily life, social problems) through movies. Get to increase your vocabulary: learn new words, colloquial expressions, slang.

One module consists of 10 lessons (5 sessions). One session has 2 lessons and 1 short movie to focus on.

You watch the movie 2 times. At first, before the viewing you go through new vocabulary. You learn expressions and slang, set tasks and reply to questions. The first time viewing – for a general understanding. After the second time you will actively discuss everything you’ve just saw and heard in details.

Supplement your general Russian language training with this fun, one-of-a-kind module and you will:
  • Become better at listening to, as well as understanding spoken Russian.
  • Expand your vocabulary – movies will offer you themed words based on genre or a specific topic.
  • Discover a colourful world of Russian contemporary as well as historic culture and so much more!

General info about Russian via Movies course:

Minimum level: B1
Price: Standard price: 480 EUR per module (10 lessons).
Important: One module can be taken during 1 or divided into 2 weeks (5 lessons per week)
Starting dates: from any week upon request
Study days: 2 days per week, upon request – 3.
Study times: morning, day or evening – please let us know your preference


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