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Individual Russian

The best way to learn Russian fast – individual lessons

Do you want to make rapid progress or wish to concentrate on particular areas of the language? Consider intensive Individual Russian language courses! If your aim is to learn Russian last, we make sure it will perfectly suit you. Surely, all private Russian language courses include needs-analysis to make sure you get the best of the course. The teacher will focus on your strengths and the areas you want to improve on in Russian. We provide an individual program custom-tailored to your Russian language level of knowledge, your preferences, professional interests, and needs.

You have the option to book a course of any intensity starting from 15 and up to 40 lessons per week.  The advantage of the course includes individual support from your teacher and the possibility to study at your personal pace. However, if you have 7 or even fewer days to improve your Russian, let us advise you to consider the super-intensive Immersion Crash course. It gives the availability to take part in lessons over the weekend.

As a part of the Russian Language Academy’s Durbe teaching system, teachers use the communicative approach, providing the most effective language training for you. Great attention is paid to the development of communication skills. Above all, you will be able to communicate in the target language from the very first lesson! In spite of its cost, Individual Russian is one of the most popular types of courses taken in the school.

Individual Russian language courses offered:
Leisure with 15 individual Russian language lessons per week
Standard with 20 individual Russian language lessons per week
Intensive with 30 individual Russian language lessons per week
Crash with 40 individual Russian language lessons per week

Additional Options for the Individual Russian language course if you want to learn Russian fast

In addition to your private Russian language lessons, you may take one of our Language Plus module courses. You may choose Russian for Politics, Business Russian, Russian via Movies, Russian verbs of motion, Russian Music, Russian Literature,  TRKI / TELC exam preparation. For the best progress and if you are really ready to learn Russian fast you may combine Individual Russian with our Standard Russian course.

Feedbacks from our students about their experience learning Russian in Riga:

Emer, IRELAND: “I found the standard of teaching Russian is very good. So that I have had private Russian language classes, which was very helpful for me as a beginner”.

Michelle O’Brien-Gietka, USA: ” Great school!  I did appreciate that the teachers tailor the lessons to my needs. Riga is a beautiful city and I am very happy with my stay here.!”

Course available: Russian language school in Riga, as well as Executive Russian language school in Daugavpils at Lielborne manor
Number of lessons per week: 15 – 40
Minimum enrollment: 15 lessons per week
Starting dates: upon request
Levels: A1 to C1
Please note that Individual lessons are conducted in the afternoons. We guarantee individual lessons in the mornings for bookings of 30+ lessons per week.


C1 Individual Advanced Russian

Wonder what course to take after reaching B2+? Apply for an  advanced Russian! From authentic texts to daily news – express your point of view on language-advanced themes .

Executive school in Daugavpils

Private Russian language lessons for business and professional people at an outstanding location at Lielborne manor. Onsite accommodation, amazing facilities, stunning nature – all this just 30 minutes away from Daugavpils city center.


New individual course: Russian verbs of motion 

Learn the difference between perfective and imperfective Russian verbs of motion and fill your gaps at any level of knowledge!