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Are you a beginner in Russian? Join our group in Riga from February 20

Russian for beginners – face to face lessons in Riga.  February 20 or March 20 are the closest dates for beginners to start learning Russian in Riga, Latvia! 👍
Looking for Russian for beginners course? Luckily we still have some spots available for those who want to start speaking Russian from the very first lesson! 🤩
If you’re a complete beginner – feel free to apply for a group course starting February 20! Get yourself a skilled and enthusiastic teacher, personal approach thanks to a small group and a lot of summer fun with fellow students – sounds great, doesn’t it?

Upcoming starting dates for beginners:

🔥February 20
🔥March 20
🔥April 17
Excited to start? So are we! DM us, call us or apply by email: russian@born.edu.lv!
Want to keep improving your Russian? No problem at all!👌
Different levels are welcome to apply from any Monday.
See you this spring in Riga. It’s a date!