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Welcome to your Study Russian Abroad experience in Latvia!

Let’s inspire your university to explore this ex-Soviet country, hidden beauty within Europe – Latvia! Studying Russian abroad is an amazing experience. It’s also a great opportunity to see the world, boost your academic credentials, and witness your growth as a person. So if you want to study Russian abroad – this is your chance!

University students who are planning to book the Russian language course with the Russian Language Academy may receive transferable credits.  Please get in touch with your home university’s study abroad advisor or your Russian language teacher to find out about the requirements for credits. RLA will prepare all necessary documents for the credits recognition process.

 Program Options and Supplements Include:

1) Summer (4 – 10 weeks), semester and year programs in Riga – the romantic capital of Latvia.
2) Intensive Russian or Latvian language lessons. Also including Russian for Beginners.
3) Russian for Military – available also for ROTC students.
4) Study Russian abroad program may include lectures and seminars related to your academic programs. For example, forestry, finances, or political science. In addition, sociology, environmental studies, international affairs, anthropology, art and art history, humanities and much more.
5) Faculty-led programs and joint programs. Russian language lessons together with academic lectures in local universities. Lectures are available also in English.

More Supplements to Your Study Abroad Program

6) Discovering Latvia’s cultural UNESCO world heritage. For example, Riga’s Old Town or the unique Song and Dance Celebration. Furthermore, military heritages – Karosta Fortification in Liepaja or Daugavpils Fortress. Similarly, pilgrimage sites and events, also Jewish heritage and more.
7) Moreover, visit the countries of the Baltic states – Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.
8) A good possibility to earn credit hours from your home university.
9) Accommodation (Shared Flat, Residence, Apartments, and Russian speaking Host families).
10) Orientation program.
11) Finally, a rich cultural immersion program in the afternoon and during the weekend.

You will like the quality of our study Russian abroad programs and also there are so many options to choose from! Certainly, get in touch with our Study Abroad team at russian@born.edu.lv to receive your special program offer.

Check out the Long-Term studies page for more information and benefits of studying Russian abroad.

To sum up – did you know that your Study Russian Abroad experience is available through various scholarships and awards? For example, Boren, NSLI-Y, The Critical Language Scholarship?

Long-Term Russian

Why choose learning Russian abroad? Learning Russian abroad long-term is one of the most rewarding things you can do: it’s perfect for your linguistic goals, exploring new horizons, and most importantly-- for your personal and professional growth. If you wish to noticeably improve your Russian language skills, look into the opportunity to invest in yourself – study Russian in Europe! Choose a long-term Russian course of at least 8 weeks and enjoy the entirety of your stay in Riga. Moreover, get reduced tuition fees from 300 EUR down to 185 EUR per week. Pay attention to the fact that the...
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Internship and Volunteer Programs for Russian language students have become extremely popular in recent years. And not just because these exciting assignments represent the experience of a lifetime. Young people are increasingly looking for work options abroad for a number of very practical reasons. These go beyond the obvious fact that working abroad looks good on any CV. Our students choose Internships and Volunteering because they want to 1) Do something meaningful in a gap year 2) Explore career options 3) Develop social competence skills 4) Acquire proficient language skills 5) Immerse in a different culture Try study and work...
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Boren for American students

Are you interested in studying Russian abroad, but the expenses of doing so make it seem out of reach? If you're an American student, you're in luck—there’s a program out there that can help you! Managed by the Institute of International Education, the State Department offers grants to US students to fund language training during study abroad through the Boren Awards. Personal Experience Hi! My name is Megan and I'm a student at Indiana University (USA). I was one of the few lucky students who was able to form a successful application and receive a Boren award to fund my...
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