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Online Russian

Russian Verbs of Motion Online

Why do you need to know Russian verbs of Motion?   It’s no secret many students face challenges when trying to learn Russian verbs of motion. It’s ok, you have it covered now. Individual course - Russian Verbs of Motion will help you fill all gaps you might have at any level of knowledge. With this individual course you concentrate solely on verbs of movement. As you know, these Russian verbs are among the most used, as they take you to places. You can run [бежать], go [идти], walk [гулять], travel [путешествовать], fly [лететь] or even swim [плыть]. Russian verbs...

Russian via Movies online

We’ve listened to your wishes and present you a new exciting course – learn Russian through Movies online! Under a professional guidance of your Russian language teacher, experience this course as a unique tool to quickly immerse into the world of Russian language. Together with your teacher, watch modern short Russian movies (12-15 mins long). These social movies reflect the trends of modern Russian life and the processes taking place in its society. The dialogues in movies represent live colloquial speech and everyday slang. These are films about love, as well as the problems that concern modern youth. Some focus...

Group Russian lessons Online

Your online Russian group course What to do, if you want to take quality Russian language course with our professional teachers, but due to the present travelling restrictions are not able to come to Riga? We have got a great solution for you! We are launching new opportunity to book semi-intensive Russian language course online via Skype or Zoom in a mini group up to 4 students. That means you may have your lessons online and benefit from the intensive study process in a small group! All you need – is a computer with a microphone and camera and Skype/Zoom!...

Intensive Individual Online

Want to book Intensive Russian language lessons online? Now you have a great possibility to book Intensive Individual Skype lessons from 15 to 20 lessons per week. We understand, that the present situation with "Covid-19" may impact your plans to take intensive Russian language course in Riga. Taking care of your safety and supporting your willingness to improve your Russian, we are happy to make a very special offer for Individual intensive Skype lessons. Now you have an  option to book 15 or even 20 online Russian language lessons per week! Be sure that the teaching method and results achieved...

General Russian Online

Online Russian language lessons Private Russian online lessons are a highly useful, relaxed and cost-friendly way to learn Russian, compared to studying abroad. For example, you may set your own study hours, days and level of intensity. You are also welcome to learn Russian online at any time and place. You will get individual lessons with our experienced and encouraging teacher but also engaging online study materials. What is more, you will have regular homework that will ensure a dynamic and effective study process. The most popular option within our students is from 2 to 4 Skype lessons per week....

Russian for Politics or Military Online

Now also available ONLINE! Russian for Politics We highly recommend the Russian for Politics course to any student who studies foreign affairs, diplomacy, international relations, economics, and sociology. This course is key for anyone who works in these fields and wants to learn more about the Russian used in political contexts. Moreover, you’ll be able to freely communicate in the professional and political spheres. In addition, you’ll increase your knowledge about the political aspects of world politics, including Russian politics and Russia itself. Your grammar and vocabulary will be updated to ensure a smooth academical conversation of politics. You will...

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Feedback Corner

Russian in Riga 100% recommended!

Riga has been an unexpected experience for me. As it has also been, studying Russian language in Riga. First of all, Riga is a beautiful city, very calm and comfortable. In Russian Language Academy BORN  I have learned and remarkably improved the Russian language. The teachers are excellent. I recommend 100% this place and this city.

Riga ha sido una experiencia inesperada para mi. Como lo ha sido también, estudiar en Russian Language Academy BORN. En primer lugar, Riga es una ciudad hermosa, muy tranquila y cómoda. En Russian Language Academy BORN, he aprendido y mejorado notablemente el idioma ruso. Los profesores son excelentes. Recomiendo 100% este lugar y esta ciudad.

Julian, Colombia
May, 2022

Jan, Spain

Was very satisfied with my Russian classes and atmosphere, teachers and staff were really friendly. I loved that during classes we dedicated a lot of time to speaking and improving our level of fluency.

I recommend studying in Riga with RLA to everyone willing to learn Russian. The Academy is great and located in the centre of the city 🙂


Thomas about Russian online

Though I would have preferred to attend regular lessons in Riga, the Covid-19 regulations made it necessary to book Russian language online lessons. As a result I did not regret this at all!

The teachers are very well prepared to offer lessons online! Most importantly the schedules are flexible and the process of learning the Russian language is fast.

Certainly I will maintain learning Russian online!
Thomas, Germany