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Russian for beginners. Let's start speak Russian!
We have the perfect plan for you how to successfully start speak Russian in 2022! Join our legendary Russian for beginners course and start speak Russian from the very first lesson. You will have skilled and patient teacher, you will enjoy...
Learn Russian abroad: semester or year program in Riga
Riga is an excellent and safe destination to learn Russian abroad. Russian language program for long-term studies is an excellent option for those students who want to get maximum result and aimed significantly improve Russian language skills. All long-term students benefit from discounted fees both for the Russian course and residential accommodation in Riga....
Курсы для учителей русского с Erasmus+ летом 2022
Дорогие учителя русского языка как иностранного! Если вы преподаете русский язык, но он для Вас не является родным, присоединяйтесь этим летом к разработанному для преподавателей русского языка курсу! Воспользуйтесь возможностью получить полное финансирование от Erasmus+, как это делают наши студенты-учителя из таких стран,...

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Feedback Corner

Excellent Russian Program in Riga!

Studying in a Russian language program in Riga has many advantages. For example, full immersion is one of the greatest benefits. If you force yourself to only speak Russian, you will find plenty of opportunities to practice in everyday situations. Class gives you opportunities to follow your interests in Russian studies. For instance, I enjoy researching a new word’s etymology. Additionally, it’s rewarding to use that new vocabulary in a conversation or essay.


I love listening to other students’ experiences. A Russian language program is a wonderful way to meet people from around the world too. In-class conversations on topics like ваша семья, свободное время and культура allow you to learn from your classmates while practicing Russian.


Read more about my experience here.


-Anna, USA, July 2022

Develop Russian Skills!

Riga truly offers a terrific immersion experience. So many people here choose to speak Russian conversationally. There’s never been a shortage of people to talk to! Whether I am at the Central Market, a restaurant, or even the movie theater, I’m able to practice and develop my Russian skills. I enjoy engaging with the local community.


I love how much we speak in class. In class in the US, I’d done a lot of reading and writing but not as much speaking. Every day in class we have natural conversations. This helped me to develop confidence in my Russian skills. It’s also made thinking in Russian a more natural process for me.


Read more about my experience here.


-Catherine, USA, July 2022

Studying Russian is Rewarding!

I wanted to spend the summer in one of the Baltic nations, and Latvia just called to me. That’s why I chose to study Russian in Riga. Riga has been a great place to live and study. And of course, studying Russian is a rewarding pursuit.

Learning Russian is like aolving a 50,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It’s a slow, laborious process to put together, but once you have a section done it’s very rewarding. Also, class is beneficial because I’m forced to talk. Before coming here, my confidence in speaking was pretty low. Now, even if my sentences aren’t perfect, I can communicate what I want in a way that people can better understand. You can read more about how studying Russian can be rewarding here.

-Ben, UK, July 2022


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